Still Learning Too!

So my husband turned 40 this year and I couldn’t afford to get him a mid-life crisis sports car. And before I could do anything like that, I would have to make sure that the bucket seats had the right lumbar support for his aching back. He also turned down my request to throw him a really-great live-band birthday-bash to honor the occasion. Guess that’s why most of the 40th BD parties are of the surprise variety.

So, what did I get for him? You ask. Well, I got him two tickets to see a dinosaur exhibit/show, which he really liked because he secretly wanted to be a paleontologist as a kid. Only back then he called it diggin’ in the dirt for bones (how do I say that in Tagalog?). Thing is, he had a last minute flight scheduled for the same day as the show so my plan turned to unexcavated dust.

But this guy is super understanding and so I just left it at that. I showed him all the pictures of the event when he got home, and he added a couple of months to his growing calendar.

So when Christmas rolled around, I had just the gift for him.

It was the tall present tucked way in the back of the tree, and the last one he opened. The card read, “To my hero.” He opened it to find that I had bought him Guitar Hero for my son’s WII game system. It turns out that that gift has taught me a lot about my husband (and about myself).

First, I am incredibly impressed (and a little turned on) at just how good he is. In this game..

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writer4rent writer4rent
Feb 15, 2009