He Kept My **** Milked For His Milking Pleasure

I was milked when and where my milkman wanted. He latched on to my big thick brown nipples. I felt his tongue grab on to my nipple with force and start to suckle me. Sucking my big nipple deep into his mouth. He kept my perky **** full of milk for his milking pleasure. I milkmaid enjoyed his milking, to feel him suckle me was heaven and wait for my next milking.


Oh my, hours later... my breasts swell. I ache to be milked again..... thick nipples crave to be sucked.

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girl,your lucky.

There are few experiences in life that compare to being in an ANR and latching on twice a day. I have especially enjoyed the massive breasts that develop over time when the nursing is properly timed to grow and develop the milk glands to maximum production. I have had 4 separate ANR's over several years. The best producer was pumping over 2 gallons per day. Truly magnificient

When I read your writing, I want it that much more.

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Add me,I will be very glad to suckle you all the time.

You know I would so do that. I would do that anywhere for you!

Hungry milkman signals me to open my top, exposing my swollen **** ache as the milk pressure grew. Waiting to feel his tongue latch to milk me. My big thick nipples r swollen. Grab on to my ripe ****, milk me for hours. Drinking my milk.

wow thats was great if i love ma man i would cradle him in my arms and udo my buttons and pop out my breast and hold it to allow him to suck it and milk me even though if no milk and as he sucked my nipples i would allow him fondle with my other breasts and pop that out too and suck it for long time n then moving from one to the other and getting me aroused for a nice finger **** and then his bog **** shoving into me in and out

I would be aching for more