So today I was going to the Theatres, and I was waiting at the bus stop when this random creepy looking guy came around. I was leaning against one of the sides and this guy comes and stands beside the bus stop box (opposite side of which im leaning on) and whispers to me - something I completely couldn't understand. His appearance was really creepy and gave me a bad tone. He was a black old man (note I'm just trying to give you a picture - no racism intended, I have no objections.), with barely any teeth and wore simply clothing. I thought he was druggy and trying to sell me something. I know it's bad to presume but it was really scary. He was whispering something I couldn't understand. I was freaking out a o I just walked outside and went onto the walkway in the sun to avoid the situation because he was really inviting me to the back of the bus stop box as that's what his hand gestures were conveying. I was pretty freaked out so I got out of there. I wasn't trying to be rude at all but just trying to be safe because I felt at danger.
Then he went over to another man who was sitting in the bus stop box & and he then I heard him speak. He asked for 20 cents; which is very little money. I had that too, but I had no idea what he was saying back there - moreover he's telling me to come to the back, umm no. Then I heard him say something like, 'I hate such people' and went off with 'Bless you boy.' To the man who gave him the money.
I felt completely misunderstood and pathetic. I feel he thought I was being racist to avoid him but no not at all. I am a firm believe in the notion that we're all human and really no different. So I treat all the same way but the situation there was completely frightening for me as a lone teen. I have never done drugs and don't plan to get into any sort of acts and so I want to stay away from any of those situations. So all in all, I just want to say - I moved away because I felt uncomfortable and at danger. It's nothing personal and I'm sorry but there's nothing to say. I also know that I can't blame him for his approach as who knows what his life is like. So yeah. Really scary scene for me today. First time being misunderstood at such a degree. I don't think I've done anything wrong. I guess it's just one of those helpless situations that happen. It would of been a lot better had he articulated his words and didn't whisper, also if he didn't tell me to come to the back??? Oh well.
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I would've given the man the money again and tell him that I didn't hear him well.

Well in my case, I really didn't understand him.

Makes sense now


Wow, at least you came out alive. And true, got a similar case like that. Also, this reminds me of the times I actually didn't have money on me and when a random homeless/someone asked me for a couple coins they just made an irritated sign/noise of frustration when I said I don't have. 🙆

Ha I would of moved away from him