I Liked Sex With My Uncle

It started one night in the tent camping when I was 11. We were wrestling wearing only underwear. He ended up on top of me and started humping my butt..I was giggling and writhing under him with my **** pencil hard, which his fingers had discovered. We kept going until he groaned and stopped. Later that trip I was standing naked in front of him, again with a *****, giggling. He looked at me all over and then we talked about my foreskin which wasn't pulling back all the way. I was so relieved to have him to talk to about it. then I wanted to take a bath together and he said ok.......that's when our real intimate sexual sharing started. I was rubbing his big hard **** in the hot steamy water until we got out and lay on the bed together. He was married to my Mom's sister and was from another city. I was so happy when he showed interest in me but this was even better...he was interested in my little **** and balls....sucking them all together and separately. Lying on my back , I watched him rubbing his hard **** on my tummy....That was my favorite when he did that to me.....he also loved to rub his **** on my buns...up and down my crack til he shot his cream on me.....two years later I did the same and shot my cream on him! We shared a lot of fun and exciting memories...
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you so lucky your uncle started you at that lovely age

Thats a great experience, not all man-boy relationships are bad

I have read about boys who grew up and hated their then adult sex partners.....so sorry they could not keep the love, passion and excitement they once shared....where does that hate come from? ...certainly not there at the time of contact and sharing.....why the change...?