My Mother Molested Me

Im so confused. I was molested by my Mother and sometimes her male and female friends from as young as the age of 3 up until I was about 11 or 12. I know what happened to me was wrong and I would never want anyone to go through that type of abuse. The confusion for me is that I now find i like to be submissive and sexually controlled by much older women. I know this stems from the sexual molestation i went through as a young boy because my mom would often put a collar restraint around my neck, lead me around the bedroom by a leash and demand I perform sexual tasks on her friends or herself. She would have my hand sliding in an out of her friends vagina while restraining by head with the collar and grinding my face into her vagina until I thought I would suffocate. These type of event went on for years. I even remember when I was really young she would squat over my face and have me suckle on her **** as she fondled me making me stiff. Through all this abuse, I knew my mom still loved me and didn't hate me because she was usually very nice to me, she always coerced me or bribed me into doing things she wanted, she never really yelled at me, or beat me. She always bought me toys and nice things that i wanted and never let anyone really inflict any physical pain on me too badly.

When I was about 13 I moved out of home to live with my moms girlfriend.
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At 9 I started feeling up anyone who would let me. My younger cousin, lucy, had been fingered since she was 5, so she let me do anything i wanted.

Was your mother sexually molested when she was young? Do you know her history? wish I could join this group, but im not 18


I feel so

I wish I had your mom