So True.....

The saying goes, "I am my own worst enemy." And for me this is made more clear and true nearly daily.

This rings mostly true when I am upset, angry or emotional. When I am any of these listed emotions, reality seems to go right out the window and in comes hastiness. Nothing that anyone says makes more sense than what I believe is appropriate and I don't allow the possibility of anyone being right other than myself. It is quite a terrible way to operate especially in the throws of emotion. Nothing is ever as clear as it is in hindsight but try telling me that!

I am ashamed at this trait that has woven its way into my being. I am embarrassed at what all it has cost me. And now, I make a pledge to the better part in me that wants and needs to fight against this demon and help me not to be the worst enemy I know but the best woman I can be.

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3 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Thanks Rick.....

Thanks Marji! It is so easy to be critical of others but when it comes to this in has become a demon :-( I will do my best to reign it in and need any words of advice you got!

Thanks Kylie