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She Used To Inspect My Penis

I was minimally circumcised, which means that my foreskin covers my limp glans. My mommy would pull my foreskin back as far as it would go, and then run her finger around the base of my glans to make sure it wasn't nasty. Of course I would get a little bit stiff, but it really wasn't a sexual thing. She just wanted my penis to be nice and clean.
nakedjay nakedjay 46-50, M 6 Responses Mar 18, 2012

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Nice looking penis.

When my Mom bathed me she would push my foreskin back and wash my penis. She impressed on me that it was very important to have a clean penis.

Cute winky! :D

my mom use to bath me in the sink alot an moms freind wuold come over wiht her daughter when i got older mom bath me in tub an when her freind an daughter came over they see me naked very embrassing

i've been inspected too! rally bad... read my story for further details!

Till what age did she do that you?

My mom gave me baths too till I was 16


she make i get hard,make it squirt

My chronology was off in my previous reply. She inspected me until I was 17. Of course she looked at my ears and neck and anus too.

i'm especially thankful for her insistence on deep anal hygiene. The last man who ****** me said i was his cleanest bottom yet

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