Letting It All Hang Out

A few years ago I was house sitting for a friend. Her house was on the market. The realtor would call me when she was bringing people to show the house. One particular day I was taking the day off from work. She has a totally private backyard / pool.
I was floating nude in the pool. I had been there a couple of hours.
All of a sudden the sliding glass doors opened. Out stepped the realtor and two ladies. I guess it was mother and daughter. Here I am letting it all hang out without anything to cover up with.
They were ok with seeing me nude. The mother said my husband had a Suit like yours 20 yrs ago. They said don't get dressed on our account. I stated nude while they were there. The realtor came back out on the patio to let me know they were leaving.
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12 Responses Dec 2, 2012


Great story.

Wow. I'm sure their causal demeanor was just a cover for some great future cocktail party banter.

Great story, nice that everyone was cool with the unexpected surprise.

Luck dude. I would have really enjoyed that.

So funny !

Lol in the summer I get naked in my
Pool & my neighbor usually has 2 fix something in his roof :) Lmao

To funny

I would of totally embraced it and been like "waters great"

Cute story... the buyer should have asked her agent if you came with the house... lol

That's a great story man!!

"my husband had a suit like yours 20 yrs ago" -- cute way to complement you (and not have it all go to your head)!!!

nude..hmm let me imagine