One night my girlfriend, Lindsey, her friend, Janet, and I were drinking and playing cards at our house. Somehow we got talking about how Lindsey has never learned to drive my car because it was a stick shift. She started boldly stating that she could drive it if she wanted to do and then I told her that she would never get it out of first gear. She then asked, "What do you want to bet?" I told her whatever because she couldn't just go out and be able to drive it. She said if I was so confident she couldn't drive my car then I would have no problem running naked with my hands tied behind my back however far she makes it away from the house before she killed it. I told her she wouldn't get it out of the driveway and asked what I got if she couldn't drive it. She whispered something to Janet and then said that her and Janet will ***** naked for 5 minutes if they lose. I thought that this was going to be awesome. We all piled in the car and Lindsey seemed like she had trouble getting it reverse, but backed down the driveway. I thought she would never get it out of first, but then she peeled out and took off. Janet knew how to drive a stick shift and had secretly taught Lindsey to drive one. They set me up. They started laughing hysterically and I said that they can't make me do it, because they set me up. Lindsey said a bet is a bet and that the more I resisted the farther they would drive. We live in a small country town of about 5,000 people, but we were still seeing a few cars on the road even though it was after 1am. They got about a mile away and I was getting worried how far they would take it. I said that they had gone far enough, but Janet laughed and said how about one more mile. Janet had quite a few drinks and thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. We have one main road that comes off the highway and everybody takes into town and they start driving down it. There are really no trees on this road because it has corn fields on both sides, but it was after the corn had been harvested, so there was nowhere to hide anywhere close. They started slowing about halfway down the road and said they would stop here, about 2 miles from my house, if I ******** naked and jumped up and down in the headlights for 1 minute. I said, no way, but they said I could do this or they would take me so far that I would have problems getting home before the sun came up. Lindsey put the parking break on and we all got out and Lindsey assured me that I wouldn't get any action for a long time if I backed out. Lindsey started stripping off all my clothes and handing them to Janet. Then, Janet reached in the car and took out of a role of duct taped. Lindsey told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back so they could tape them. When I thought it couldn't get any worse, then Lindsey said that she had an idea to make it more interesting and gave me a kiss and then stroked me a few times until I was nice and hard and then told me to get to jumping up and down if I didn't want anyone to see me. I kept jumping for what seemed like more than a minute while they both laughed their heads off and Lindsey recorded it on her phone. Then they took off and laid on the horn and yelled they would see me at home if I made it. I was a little shocked that they actually left me, but then I took off running because I was at least half a mile away from the nearest tree. I tried to run as fast as I could and kept looking behind me to make sure no cars were coming. I thought I was going to be in the clear when I was about 200 yards from getting into town and would at least have places to hide. Then, I looked back and saw a car speeding down the road. I tried to run even faster before they saw me, but I had no shoes and I couldn't run well with my hands behind my back. The car catches up with me about 100 feet from the first house and I look over and see three of Lindsey's other friends laughing and taking pictures. I'm so embarrassed, because I couldn't cover up. She thought it would be funny to text them and tell them before we got in the car. They started honking the horn, so I started taking off running between a couple houses. I ran as fast as I could, and saw them turn to circle around the block. I doubled back and ran to the other side of the street to hide for about 5 minutes until they drove up the road. I spent the next 45 minutes running, hiding, and avoiding cars. Luckily, I finally made it back to my house, but was greeted by all five of them on the front porch drinking wine and screaming and clapping. Lindsey finally agreed that I had enough and took off the tape, if I admitted she won the bet and was the best. I was really embarrassed, but I have to admit that it was pretty exciting and Lindsey made it up to me.
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What naughty girls! But I can understand how stimulating this was for you (and, I expect, for them too). Good and courageous of you to stick to your part of the bargain.