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I Feel Deeply Honored

  Each day I find people along my path gently yet softly encouraging me to be myself while holding their breath as I re-struggle to my feet. I can feel their gentle hands tend to my wounds, feel the love pouring from their eyes and feel the balm that seems to come from the very midst of their spirits. And it is the care that I see them offering to me and the other "brokens" that gives me faith to see the light on the horizon.

  And then I find that someone actually thinks I am worthy enough to be considered their guru. My mind is blown with the thought of that, I am astonished and yet I am deeply honored by that fact. When I seek to help the world it doesn't seem I have anything to give yet my friends are proving me otherwise on this very simple fact.

  But I still know that I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the life I struggled through, for the tears that I have shed or the blood and sweat that I have shed. There were really lengthy dark nights, nights that I never would have guessed that could have dawned but this is where I owe my friends everything that I have of myelf.

  They gave me new life, new courage and new hope. It is they who brought a beacon to my wearied eyes, their cheers that helped me struggle on and finally their hands that have reached out to grasp mine when I was sure I could no more hold to the sill that I was fighting to climb up on. Thus it was for my future friends that I took the hard path and even though it has left its mark on me, I don't regret it.

  So to just summarize this I could never have been a guru without the care and love of my friends to help me along the rocky path. Thanks everyone!

Dormantdrakon Dormantdrakon 22-25, F May 16, 2009

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