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Nude Stepmom

I didn't grow up in a nudist environment but did enjoy going nude whenever I could.

 At times my sister and I would walk around after showering in just panties or nude but this wasn't something we did often, mainly during the summer when it was very warm.  My mom and stepdad wouldn't say anything to us if we kept it brief, like on our way from the bath to our rooms.  But we never spent a lot of time nude around the house if they were both home. 

Since being married I have learned to enjoy being nude at home and do so every day.    I have since learned that I feel good about myself and my body and I made the choice to go nude and feel others should accept my decision.   I don't cover up when we have visitors to our home, most of the time I remain nude.  Most people including family members have accepted it and have no problem with me going nude.  I have two stepsons, one who lives with us.  Both are accepting and the older one sometimes goes nude as well.  Both my husbands parents are used to seeing me nude, sometimes his dad gets in trouble for looking too much,,,lol.  My parents, my sister and her husband also visit and I don't dress.  We have friends and neighbors who visit, some have actually joined in and some haven't but all seemed cool with the situation.  Co-workers of my husband have been here and have seemed totally suprised that I didn't run for cover when they walked in for the first time, always fun to see first time reactions,,,lol.

I am very open with my nudity.  I love the way it makes me feel and I am glad to have the support of my husband and family and plan to continue going nude for many years. 

tracilee28 tracilee28 31-35, F 43 Responses May 24, 2011

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love your confidence

Cool story!

Thatis how things should be in your home people should not be surprised if u are nude at home cheers awesome story

Good for you!!! Confidence is so sexy!!

Sounds like you have great family and friends. Fantastic!

that is good you found out that nudity is nothing specail an not to hide the fact,it is good you see that nudity makes you feel free an good about yourself
that is how we raise out daughters dont be shame of you body god gave itto you an feel good about your self fat thin makes no difference do not explort your body dont go shwoing off for sex or anythnig like that
we all nudist at home friends some famliy but we do not forced our nudity on ohters that are opposed strongly to nudity

I'm not quite as bold as you yet but I'm working on it. It's an inspiration just knowing there are other people that really enjoy it and consider it a good thing. Thanks for posting.

Good for you. Nudism is a liberating life style. Thank you for sharing.

Good for you!! Keep on doing i!

Well as a dad myself if you show there's no problem being nude kids and family will respect you for what you decide

They do accept that I enjoy going nude and are respectful of my choice.

Thanks for sharing your story sounds like your family is very open to you being nude all the time.

love your story there is nothing wrong with you being nude at home aqs it is your house, bet it make your hubby friend day to walk in and not seeing you running to throw something on. it great you got all that support there at home, do wish more people would relax and enjoy being in there skin we all nude under or clothes and once you nude everyone is the same be they a very rich person or someone down on his or her luck nude is the great equally in life. keep being nude there,

Good on You! I am the one and opressed nudist in my family...

love your openness to nudity. I like how you express yourself. I love being nude as much as possible

good story iguess ill try that with visiters

Can you invite me for a coffee;)

You sure have it all together! Nothing better than being comfortable in one's own skin!

Once you are comfortable with it, It's great to be yourself!

I always am nude in the AM after a shower for a little while to dry off well and so is the rest of the family,even the little ones see and are comfortable with it, and in the summertime when it is extremely hot and the windows are open at home we still choose to fully undress to help beat the heat, but always dress when company comes.

good for you iam nude at home all the time <br />
and when i go out i do not put any uderwear on i love the freedom..

Good for you Tracilee28. It is wonderful that your husband and family along with friends and neighbors accept you and lifestyle.

great story...and good so many supportive messages....i am a naturist but a closet one regards to family but may be more open....

we are much alike in this respect. i have been going nude since a tiny girl. Now that I am grown I chose to come live with my aunt and her husband because he is a nudist and she is somewhat, so my nudity is wholly acceptable here. I don't cover up for company either, and all accept that and I think some prefer by choice.

Good for you too!

Good for you but I am sure I would get an erection if I saw you nude>>>How would you handle that?

I think it's awesome that the people so close to you are so accepting of your life style choices.

I completely agree with capecodnudist and wish I was as brave as you.

I think it's great that you are comfortable with being natural when people come to your house, as well as it's great that friends and family are so accepting... You all are very fortunate. Thanks.

That is fantastic. It is refreshing to hear others who enjoy the sheer comfort of being nude with others

Great story glad you are so open Alan's comfortable

Glad everyone accepts you that way

Wonderful are very comfortable with yourself and have very accepting friends and neighbors. If you were my neighbor I would efinitely visit and join you even though it would not be accepted by others in my house. ENJOY you are very lucky

We enjoyed a Nude Years Weekend at home. We had dinner on New Years Eve for hubbys parents, my stepson and hid girlfriend, my sister, her hubby and son and my friend Michael. Had a great time until around 1:30AM. Some of us spent the evening in the nude, me, Brian and his girlfriend, and my friend Michael. Everyone else was cool with us being nude and didn't seem to mind. When the others left Cara, Brians g/f and I had some fun with Michael. Hope everyone has a Happy Nude Year!

Sounds like you have a great family love to see! them.

we both support you 100 per cent as we are exactly the same. Jan x

I grew up in a clothing op home so seeing my sister and parents naked was not an issue. Durring the summer we were naked quite a lot.

You said your parents are nude when visiting. Would they remain naked if your husband's parents were visiting at the same time? Do your in-laws know how common nudity is in your family?

My parents don't go nude but do not mind if I do. I do go nude with my in-laws here and they don't mind that I'm nude and they do know I am usually always nude while at home.

I was the oldest of 6 kids, three boys first then three girls. We were a very open family and casual nudity was accepted. Not a nudist or naturist family but casual nudity as in walking between bathroom and bedroom or open doors while changing. If someone wanted to ask you something, talk with you or vice versa you just walked in and talked. If someone needed privacy for whatever reason you simply closed the door and that was respected. I will say that being comfortable nude around other people made showers at school after gym or after school athletics a lot less stressful for me than most of my classmates.

Good for you, sweetie! I am looking forward to going to places where<br />
I can legally be nude outside of my apartment with the curtains drawn!

That's nice that you are doing something that makes you happy and that makes you feel good about yourself. <br />
<br />
I like walking around the house naked but not in front of friends or family!!

Your family is to be applauded for supporting you. Hope you have many more nude years.

Yes gr8. My family even brought me up naked.

Your outlook is rare and wonderful.

That's a great attitude