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My Aunts Saw My Penis

I was 17 and was visiting my aunt and uncle and another aunt that was staying with them for a while, one day while I was helping my uncle grind some metal and the grinder slipped and caught me right at my upper leg right next to my privates, it tore my pants half off. We went into the house and my aunts and cousin (she was 12) came running to see what happen. I had alittle blood showing, they took my pants off and it had put a cut right below my testicles, my underpants was covered in blood too, they took them off too and started washing the area, that's when they notice my cousin standing there taking it all in, they told her to go to the other room, which all she did was go to the door way and still watched, it hadn't cut deep, my uncle said "not as bad as it looked, your aunts will fix it" and went on back outside, one of my aunts said" don't worry, this is just alittle different from when you were little and spend the summers and I would have to bathe you, you were only 9 and 10 then, so it's not like we haven't seen your penis before. I did remember those times and also one time when the other aunt was visiting us and I was in the kitchen and I had gotten sick and threw up, my mother took off all my pukie clothes in the kitchen and they led me to the bathroom where they washed me off in the tub, I was 12. It's odd that back in those days, nudity around family wasn't no big deal, I'm in my 60's now and my mother has only seen me nude twice since then and that was by accident and my aunts have seen me nude a few different times when I have gone for visits along with my cousin. Those was either by accident or on purpose on their part.
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did your aunts see it all and at that age did you have a big bush of hair down there? Were you embarrassed when they took off your underwear and seen you in all the glory? Do you think your little cousin saw everything?

thank it was not a serious is not a big deal.....

my aunt taught me about my **** n how to use it

Wow great story I enjoyed reading it.Thanks for sharing your story.