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Anyone who has ever been on a roof in the summer will know where I am coming from on this one...My dad owed a co-worker a favor, and last Saturday, he called it. The task was to re-roof a detatched garage. The house had been reroofed a few years before, but not the garage. Since I was available, I became an instant accomplice. The 'work' cloths he recommended were a white tank top, bluejeans, and lace up boots. Oh, and a pair of rollerblade knee plates. We got there at 6am, and it was already 80 degrees. His friend had also conned his 16 year old daughter into the mess, and after a bit of small talk, we got to it. Even with a nail gun, I had completely soaked thru my shirt by 7:30, and instead of fighting it, I took it off (which rendered me bare from the waist up, since I wasn't wearing a bra). The other daughter was wearing a t-shirt, and after very brief consideration, took hers off as well-followed by the sport bra she had on under it. Her dad didn't even turn a hair. By 9, we had the felt down, and it was 95 degrees. My jeans were so soaked with sweat that they kept riding off of my hips. I asked the other guy if he minded if I ******** down completely, and he said as long as I wasn't worried about getting burned to a crisp, he didn't care. Well, I tan, not burn, so off came the jeans (which left me nude, except for the boots and the knee guards, which I put back on). I caught him admiring my nether parts-which, due to a spread kneeling position, were very visible most of the time. The other daughter, I could tell, wanted to get naked too-whether from the heat or because I was, it didn't matter-the heat was reason enough. It wasn't until lunch that she asked if it would be ok-we were sitting on their house porch munching turkey sandwiches and chugging water, and he said as long as my dad didn't mind, he was ok with it. The big deal was that her mother got off of work at the hospital at 3:30, so to avoid any fallout, she would have to at least put part of her cloths back on. At 12:30, we went back up, both naked, and managed to tie up the last bit of flashing at 3:15-in 115 degree heat. We were all scorched, but not quite burned crispy. I had an awesome tan going...On the way home, I left off the jeans, and just wore the shirt-it covered my backside enough to be convincing during the trip.
Wyldekat Wyldekat 22-25 4 Responses Jul 11, 2011

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Great story!

I hate to sweating with clothes on. They stick and pull down. Nude I don't mind much.

Girl, when your dad owes a favor, he delivers!

Sounds like a very reasonable response to the heat.