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Out Camping

My family camps at the lake seemingly every summer. We always (or try to) rent the same site for most of the summer every summer. We had rented this site when I was 15, and we had been at the same one for several summers previous, so I was used to the site, and the privacy that it provided.

This summer proved to be much hotter than I had previously experienced at the lake, so I spent most of the day in the water cooling off or in the shade enjoying a nice cool beverage. However, after being there only a few days, I got a nasty cut on my toe, and the water only made it worse so I could no longer seek refuge from the heat that way so i retreated back to the camp site to sit under the shade.

Under my mothers orders, I was only allowed to wear a one-piece suit out swimming - as to avoid certain attention to my freshly developing body. Voicing how unfair it was that I had to wear this when I couldn't even be in the water to cool off, I asked it I could just wear some of my old gym shorts (old short-shorts) that were very short on me coupled with a thin spaghetti top, which was much cooler than a thick swim suit. To avoid layering too much I went commando without my mothers knowledge (well, no bra was obvious).

Realizing that it was still far too hot wearing what I was, I asked my mother to let me just wear my underwear, to which she reluctantly agreed. So I ran to the camper(its old with one master bedroom and 2 small bunk beds and only a small cooler), got out the skimpiest thong panties I had, and a small bra while dropping my shorts and top to the ground. Before I got dressed again, I just remained nude and grabbed a drink out of the cooler and started sipping it. Since it was already 11, I figured my brother (13) would be down at the lake with his friends swimming around like usual, but I was wrong, as I saw his feet pop out from behind the curtain to the bunk bed area just a foot or so away from my breasts as I was standing at the cooler. Startled I quickly set down my drink and scrambled for my panties and bra (since there was nothing else to cover up with) on the floor at the other end of the camper, and as I was bent over scooping them up I heard a small thump and my brother say 'woah, good morning to you too'. Embarrassed I asked him to not tell anyone as I quickly pulled up my panties, not sure if he heard me when he just mumbled 'mhmm' as his head bobbed up and down, presumably with my **** as that's where he was staring, so I forcefully said 'okay!?' as I crossed my arms under my breasts forcing them up a little. This snapped him out of it, he agreed and apologized for his staring. Telling him that it was alright, I did up my bra, picked up my drink and returned to my lounge chair outside to soak up the sun a little before returning to the shade.

After sweating to death in the shade again, I stumbled over to the camper again to change the bandage on my toe and grab another drink where I walked in on my mother in a similar situation my brother had me in. I apologized and started to leave as she said it was alright and to come get a drink with her as she started putting her top on. I agreed and grabbed a grape drink and we chatted for a while before I brought up how danged hot it as outside today, and told her I was going to change into my skimpy white bra because it was still too hot out so I got up, pulled out the bra onto the table and put my other one in its place in my bag. Forgetting to put on the white bra, I returned to my drink and asked my mother what she was going to do today. Smiling she told me she was going in to town soon to do some laundry and pick up some more bandages for my toe. Realizing from her smile that I forgot to put on my bra, and now my nipples were hard I blushingly said 'eek' and grabbed my bra and did it up (giving them nipples a good rub adjusting my bra). She chuckled and started gathering laundry to take home as my brother came bursting in panting, saying he needed a drink after racing his friends back from the lake. Handing him one, my mom told him that for winning the race he gets to help her with laundry at home. As he groaned he grabbed the laundry bags, hauled them to the car and they were off, leaving me at the lake all alone as my father was off working at the farm for the week.

Now this was my time! All alone I ******** off my underwear and covered myself in lotion so I wouldn't burn, and grabbed a drink. Knowing the site was very private, I lay down in the lounge chair and got comfortable sipping my beverage, and giving myself the occasional rub. Too comfortable it would seem, as I was awakened by my mother nudging me telling me to turn over or I'd burn like that. Forgetting I was naked, I asked what time it was, to which she replied 3 in the afternoon, (turns out I had slept like that for 2 hours!) so I got up to get myself a drink and a small bite to eat and it was then when I looked down to put on my thong sandals that I realized my **** were bare and I was still naked! Startled, I apologized to my mother, explaining that it was just too hot and I didn't mean to fall asleep like that. Laughing she said it was alright, and that at least my brother didn't see me like that as he ran straight to the lake when they got back. Blushing I told her about him seeing me in the camper, to which she erupted with laughter, and told me to go lie down and she'd bring me some food. I reached for my underwear and she slapped my hand, calling me a silly girl and saying that I'd get an uneven tan that way (wow!), so I headed back out and laid down on the lounge chair to tan my backside now and started to drift to sleep again.

I was snapped back as I felt someone start to lotion me up and noticed my food beside me, looking back I saw my mom smearing the cream all over (lots on my butt!) and she asked me to do her as she pulled up another lounge chair beside me so I stood up and grabbed the bottle. As I filled my hand with lotion, my jaw dropped (figuratively) as my mom whipped her top off, climbed out of her bottoms and held her arms out, asking me what I was waiting for I started to lotion up her back and legs for her before returning to my lounge chair and my sandwich. At this point we started talking again, primarily about the heat, then about being naked together, my mom trying to make sure I didn't feel awkward (I didn't) and we lay there comfortably and I dozed off again. Until I was awoken by a towel being placed over top of me, to which I quickly spun around, throwing it off my upper half as I saw my mom walking over to my brother and his friends entering the camp site, and they almost saw my bare ****, but I lay on my back and covered them back up with the towel. My brother marched in explaining that he was hungry, and went in to the camper to grab something quickly. It wasn't long until one of his friends asked me "Wow, are you cold Sarah? It's a million degrees out here!" to which I just blushed and said I had a little chill as I clamped my legs closed tight as it was a small towel and I didn't want to give them a peek! My mother quickly urged them back to their sites, claiming she had to talk with my brother privately, and she'd send him along to get them shortly. After they were gone and around the corner, she snatched the towel off me and tossed it inside the camper on a bench startling my brother, as he came out with a sandwich, stared at me and said "Again?"

My mother explained that her and I were likely going to be nude for the rest of the summer since it was so hot, and that he was free to join us if he wanted (I quickly objected, but was told to hush!), she also explained that he should avoid bringing his friends over here unannounced to avoid them seeing me exposed like they almost had! She told him to go back in and *****, and she'd pull him up a chair to join us. Reluctantly, he did join us.

A week later, we finally decided to string a line from the camper to a nearby tree from which large sheets were hung so we could lay there without being immediately visible to visitors. This was mainly because 2 of my brothers friends (younger than him, 8 and 9)came over unannounced looking for them when I was the only one there. Since I was lightly snoozing, I didn't notice their presence until one stiffly poked my vagina and quickly withdrew his hand when his finger sank in quickly (I was having a good dream!) waking me up and making me grab my crotch quickly, they started to turn and run when I stood up, told them to wait, and jumped to grab them and ended up sprawled out flat on my face, with a pair of swim trunks in each hand wrapped around their leg. Well they stopped, so I stood up, and brushed myself off, as they watched me with their tiny hard peckers pointing right at me. Laughing, I made them both swear not to tell anyone, or I'd tell about them being naked too!

It worked, as they never said a word and have come back to visit since, and I had to my mom and brother what happened, and they both laughed to it was cool, and my brothers 2 friends have joined us a few times nude or otherwise.

This was my first adventure being nude in front of family members (as well as others!), and I've had several others since then that I will write about later! :)
TinySarah TinySarah 18-21, F 22 Responses Jul 18, 2011

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Great story :-)

nice story

Nice :)

Excellent story! Sounds like your mother is real cool and ok with all this. And now that your brother has seen you, its really not that big a deal if he sees you again, is it?
My Mom saw me naked all the time when I was a teenager and it was never any big deal.

What a well told and interesting story. What a wonderful way to be introduced to being nude around others.

Ditto to what AlternateTherapy said, sweetie!

Excellent I love the story. and I like the way you tell it!

Great story, Sarah, and you tell it well. It's a wonderful feeling being nude outdoors. How fortunate you were to lead the way for your family! Best wishes, AT

great story

Great Story! I think that most kids would be suprised how cool their parents are toward nudity if they would just let themselves get caught nude every now and then.

Nicely written.

Your brother who said 'whoa, good morning to you' sounds awfully cute... What else did he have to say?

I know youm had started puberty but had your broither started puberty the year this happened at the camp site? Was he initially emvbarrassed getting naked and coming out with yall and did he try to do any covering up?

Wonderful story, enjoyed it very much.

I'm really curious as to where your dad was in this story.

I grew up in a clothing opp home, nudity was never an issue at my house, we had a pool so skinny dipping and nude sun bathing was common. My sister a year older than me, had 2 girlfriends from high school that would hang out at out pool during the summer always topless, sometimes naked. My mom would join us at times but did'nt like to spend much time in the sun.<br />
<br />
One of my sisters friends was alittle shy at first about removeing her suit with me around, I was generally naked around the pool and had a nice all over tan that she liked and eventually gave in and was naked like the rest of us. By summers end she had no probblems being naked at my house and had a nice allover tan.

Well done mum!!!

Great story! Bet you and your family felt closer after that :)

What a wonderful way to be raised... Thanks for sharing.

I love that you had such a nice summer.

What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing

Good story, great attitude.

Thank you!