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Playing Naked In Front Of My Family

My sisters and I used to walk around the house naked all the time when we were growing up. My parents were originally from East Europe, and considered nudity to be normal in young children, especially around the middle of the year. In the full heat of summer, we used to play naked under the sprinkler, usually in the back yard, but sometimes out front if our Dad was working on the lawn.

We had relatives living in our neighborhood, so when our cousins came over, they'd often join us too, running around nude or in their panties. It was the same whenever we'd drop in to visit our uncles and aunts; if the day was sultry, the clothes would come off and we'd all be chasing each other through the house bare bottomed naked. Looking back now, I think its a pity that kids aren't allowed to be kids any more.

My folks only started insisting we cover up after we reached puberty, although they weren't particularly strict about that, just telling us to put on some underwear if it was warm. When we were home alone with Mom, she let us go bare, but if there was a knock on the door we had to run upstairs (usually giggling with enbarrassment if the visitor saw us through the fly screen).

As the middle girl of the family, I had a slightly more rebellious nature than my sisters, and would often test the limits to get attention. For example, if there were visitors in the living room, I'd always find an "excuse" to come downstairs in my panties or less. One time when I was about twelve, Mom sent me upstairs to take a shower while some relatives were over for dinner. After about five minutes, I noticed we were out of shampoo, so I dried myself off and ran naked down to the living room to ask Mom if we had any more. I still giggle when I think about some of the tricks I played back then, although my Mother was rarely, if ever, amused.

In the present day, I'm a single mom with a young daughter, so I only go bare when she's at school. I never saw my parents naked when I was her age, so I've followed their example in raising my own child. I guess that karma cuts both ways: whenever we visit her grandmother, Mom brings out the photo albums and embarrasses me with stories from my misspent youth. I think it's pay back for all the nudie-stunts I pulled when I was a kid :D ;D
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Life was much more fun back then.

Aw beck. It sounds to like you had a very wonderful free child hood. I envy you.

Us Americans are uptight about nudity, other country's are more relaxed about it. I would liked to live in another country. Thanks for sharing.

Maybe you shouldn't think of it as pay back but more as an introduction to nudism. Introduce your family to healthy open nudism, instead of the naughty rebellious nudism that you practiced growing up. You'll see... if you turn the table on this, you and your daughter will be a very close family for a very long time.


Did you have any male cousins that were naked and played around too? You ever see male couisns naked or they ever see you naked after you were 12?

I think now while your daughter is young is when you should start being naked in front of her to show its nothing you are ashamed of. Natural and creates body acceptance for the kids.

Yeah I had a female cousin who I was around every weekend. When she got to the early puberty stage she would always be flashing people and me. It was crazy. She even used to lay naked beside the road and wait for a car to slow and then stop, at which point she woukd get up and run away. I watched and wondered whatever possessed her. If I keep reading your stories I have a feeling I might finally be able to solve this mystery.

Awesome! It could be pay back lol. But nothing wrong with parents being naked with the kids

Thank you for the very cute story.

As a boy, teenager and young adult, my mother would walk into my bedroom or bathroom without knocking. If I was showering, she'd often wait until I got out to tell me whatever she needed to. I had no privacy whatsoever.

were you embarrassed by mom seeing you nude as a teenager? What age did she last seen you nude and see all of you front and back? How often a year and did you ever confront your mom and ask her to give you some privacy?

I live in Belgium and I am raised in a nudist family. Your story reminds me of my sisters, being 14-18 years old then, always testing the limits too... especially when we had male visitors.

Trying to get more Attention is just natural for a grwoing girl.In adolescence one is conscious n self-conscious about one's body. It was a great childhood that you had, I wish I had such.<br />
Very well-written experience , factual n frank n you truly expressed your feelings.Lovely.Please share more.<br />
Love n Hugs <br />
(Please add me to your circle)

growing up withmy bith family that woud have never happened when i left at 12 years old and moved in with my girl friend mother and her lots of time the only thing wore in the house was our training pants as we both had medical issued that caused wetting<br />
<br />
we had a high fence in th back yeard so it was safe to walke around out there the same way or even play in the play house naked was allowed

Does your mom often show those pictures to people?

She's shown them to various family members (my daughter, my nieces etc), but tends to keep them in the family.

Nudist? Exhibitionist? Or were you just looking for attention? In any case, there is nothing wrong with any of the above. It was a delightful story, thanks.

Mainly attention getting :)

Have you ever considering being nude infront of your daughter now?

No. Why would I?