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Physical With My Friends' Mom

I went to the doctor’s office to get a physical for football one year, and my friends Kyle and Katie’s (from another story of mine) mom was a doctor, so my mom wanted her to do it. I heard that you had to get naked for physicals so I was a little nervous about my friends’ mom seeing me, but it was convenient, so I got over it. I got in the room by myself and the nurse told me what all we needed to do including height and weight. The nurse told me that for an accurate reading, and because of the rest of the physical, they preferred that patients be naked the whole time. So I nervously undressed and stepped on the scale. The nurse was very professional, though I thought I saw her give me a once over one time and told me to sit and wait for the doctor to come in. After what seemed like forever, my friends’ mom came in, and did the physical. After, she just stayed and talked to me for about ten minutes longer, but she didn’t tell me to get dressed, so I thought we still had something to do, and I stood there naked, talking to my friends’ mom. Then she finally said that she had other patients to go to, so she had to leave, but that she was sure she would see me at the house when I came over to visit Kyle and Katie. No mention was ever made of my being naked, it was just kind of a circumstance of the moment, and she never did anything to make me feel uncomfortable.
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Until what age did your mom see you naked occassionally? What age were you the last time Ky;es mom saw you naked and saw all of you and what age was Kyle when his mom last saw him naked? Did his mom ever see you and Kyle naked at the same time?

My mom has seen me naked as recently as this summer, and I\'m 22 now. Kyle\'s mom saw me naked giving me physicals until I went to college and got a physical there, so I was probably 18 when she last saw me naked, I don\'t know about when she last saw Kyle. And I think the only time she ever saw us naked together was when we were about 8 or 9 and we came back to the house really dirty and she gave us both a bath at the same time.


Had your mom also seen you naked at that age? I am sure she saw Kyle at that age naked so no old was Kyle and did he play football too. Was that the first female outsoide of the family that saw you naked.

Yeah, my mom had seen me naked occasionally then. kyle actually played soccer, not football, but he went to his mom for physicals too. And actually, Katie saw me naked before their mom did, but she was the first older woman to see me naked outside of my family.

How old were you at the time for the physical? Had you also seen Kyle naked before like when you stayed at their house before? Did you get red in face during the exam or later when you saw his mom on visits to the house knowing she saw all of you?

How often had your mom seen you naked around that time and were you embarrassed sometimes that mom saw you naked..what were the circumstances when your mom would see you bare ***?

Have you seen Katie naked before too and how did she se you naked and what age where you? Hope you dont mind the questions?

This first one was in seventh grade, when I was twelve or thirteen, and I got them from her every year after that, and it would pretty much be the same everytime, I'd be naked the whole time, and would have a regular conversation the whole time. I had been naked with Kyle at this point, and Katie had spied me naked in the woods, but not confronted us about it. I was a little embarassed that first time in the physical and when I saw the mom afterwards, but she never mentioned it. Mom had seen me naked a couple of times at that point, and had allowed me to do it quietly and pretty discretely. Look at a couple of my other stories to see when mom saw me, and yeah, it was a little embarassing when she saw me too. And the questions are fine, I'm always happy to answer anything that is unclear or that people are curious about.

That first time having the physical with Kyles mom while you were in 7th grade, had you started puberty and had any hair growth down there as of that time? What age did you start puberty and what age did Kyle start his?

Yeah, I had started puberty at that point and had hair down there, she actually made a professional comment about how I was well developed. Kyle started later than I did, but not inordinately behind.

How did you feel aboput taking showers at school back in 7th grade and junior high and high school? I kinow today kids shower sometimes in ntheior boxer shorts and are afraid of getting naked even only in front of other guys. While in Jr High did any other females like teachers or school nurses or others see you undressed or naked. Any females ever come in locker room or see you skinny dipping or see you naked by accident?

Oh and also were you ever spanked bare bottom back then by mom, relatives or freinds moms or paddled at school?

At that point, I had stopped getting spanked.

I was a little nervous about showers at first, and went immediately to the corner one to kind of hide, but I never showered in my boxers. As I began to get more comfortable with it, I didn\'t care at all, and would often be the first one naked and last one dressed in the locker room. No teachers or adult females ever saw me naked in Jr High, but they did in high school once. No one ever came in the locker room, we had a male pe teacher who would come in to tell us to hurry up or stop playing around, but no females. I have gotten caught skinny dipping or just hanging out naked before though, and mostly by girls around my age.

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Just hope you didn't picture her daughter during it

Had you been seen naked growing up too Country Experiences by some females or mom or other parents? Ever skinny dipping?

Even though the female doctor didn't say anything<br />
about you being nude, it must have been visualy<br />
pleasurable for her and enjoyable for both of you!