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After Playing In The Mud

Years ago, my parents were building a detached garage. They had the hole dug for the foundation, but there was a massive rainstorm a few days later. Being the artificially lowest point in the yard at the time, the hole flooded with water and became a giant mud pit. Being about 10, I wanted to play in the mud.

My parents didn't like the idea of me ruining good clothes to play in the mud, nor potentially ruining a swimsuit, so they let me play around in the nude with my older brother, who was 12 at the time. When we were done playing in the mud, my parents just hosed us off before we could go back in the house. This meant that as I was being hosed off, I was more or less standing nude in front of my brother. In the context of family and the situation that I was in, being nude wasn't really a big deal.
hotnnow hotnnow 18-21, F 4 Responses Feb 8, 2012

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like your like of not being nude in front of family

Running around naked in the mud sounds like a blast! Its not big deal when you are a kid with your family being naked IMO

I grew up in a clothing op home, being naked in front of family was just not an issue.<br />
<br />
Durring my first year of college a group of us got together for a picknik/party, the normal fun a games took place, someone brought a rope so the guys vs girls tug of war could happen, alittle before the tug of war was to take place alittle summer thunder storm happend by and rained for about 15 minutes, no big deal but it made the park soggy and muddy in places. Because many did'nt want summer clothing mud stained some of the girls removed tops, guys removed pants and shirts so it was just underwear for many. The girls vs guys was unfair, the girls lost the first round, several fell and were now wet and muddy so now mixed teams were chosen, each team lost a couple of rounds and were drug through the mud, and wet underwear dos'nt hide much. One of the girls durring a fall in the mud came up with her bra around her neck, it was soaked with mud, so she through it aside, that was the start and many removed mud soaked underwear, guys and girls, the final round was played with most naked but covered in mud. More fun came when we washed eachother off with a garden hose, all shared two old towels to dry. A great time was had by all.

Liked your story reminded me of my days growing up and getting hosed off. Just seemed natural.