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Nude Weekend

I (40 white male, married 17 years) went on a vacation recently with my wife, my mother, sister and grandmother. we had adjoining rooms at the hotel up in maine.

we had conversations about trying a nudist type weekend up there. shortly after getting up there i brought it up and everyone got uneasy. we all eventually got undressed and hung around the room together. we had a few drinks and it was pretty fun. we ended up spending the whole weekend there nude.

it was great seeing three generations nude.

my wife loved it, everyone had a fantastic time.
bernett69 bernett69 41-45 6 Responses Mar 15, 2012

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we just had a birthday party here at the house for my sister and I. she is 3 years younger but our birthdays are only 3 days apart. <br />
<br />
we had a big family gathering and we all went nude again. it was our first nude time together since our last time at the cabin.<br />
<br />
it is always so fun to see everyone undress

I guess so mmm very lucky guy to see such sexy ladies naked

this memorial day weekend the whole family went over to my cabin for a get together.<br />
it was our first annual nude weekend there.<br />
it was an amazing weekend with 4 generation of the family there nude together. everyone from 5 to 83.<br />
we all had lots of great food, brought, cooked and prepared mostly by my amazing grandmother. we have always enjoyed her fantastic food, it was extra fun seeing her nude while doing it. she is in incredible for shape for her age. she still walks daily and still works just about full time, same place nearly 50 years. still carrying herself well on legs still long and shapely with amazing knockers.<br />
my mother was lovely as always, also with a fantastic body for 63. proudly flaunting her great breasts and ***. <br />
of course my sister was there stunning as usually. her tall sexy 40 year old body getting the attention it deserves. also there were her two daughters. <br />
my cousin and her family were there for the first time this past weekend. although my cousin Lisa and I have had our own private nude times at her Halloween stores, this was her first public nude time with the family. she has a perfect little body also. at 5'4 or so, she has amazing hips and legs with an *** that is so sexy. Lisa has nice small perky breasts with a little rose tat on her left ***. it turned out that her 19 year old son had his first view of her nude this weekend, it appeared he enjoyed the new view.<br />
my wife was sexy as ever. looking fantastic for a mom of 3. <br />
all in all it was a great weekend for this big family get together. new comers, old hats and all

oh yes

a family that spend some nude time together stay together longer, once the clothes come off everyone is the same nude some of us have more scars of life but we earn them, when i go to a normal beach i get people looking at all my scars but at a nudists camp noone every point at me, that one reson i love the nudist lifestyle.

that is true.
even my grandmother of 80 looked great nude. she is in pretty good shape anyhow. still works actually. she was nervous to go nude but once she did she loves it. since this first weekend with everyone together nude we have done is many times. I even just drop in at my grandmother's house and say lets lose the clothes. she loves it.

it was a very fun day. always fun to hang out nude together

did anything else happen

the weekend before Easter I was able to get them together again and enjoy some more nude time.<br />
everyone was really nervous again but they all undressed a lot faster. I think they were all a little eager to get nude together again. <br />
this time I got a little brave and managed to get them to pose for some pictures, that was pretty fun.<br />
we spent about 4 hours nude over at my cabin. its a nice place to go for that, no neighbors to see. <br />
<br />
we added a generation going nude with us this time around as well making it 4 generations nude together. I think that is incredible.