My Teenaged Daughter Runs Around The House Naked.

I have recently retired and spend a lot of time around the house now. I discovered that as soon as my daughter gets home from school in the afternoon, she takes her clothes off. She sits at the dining room table doing her homework, she watches television, whatever, naked as the day she was born. She has friends over, and it depends on who the friends are, some she puts her clothes back on and some she just stays naked. I've never seen her do anything vulgar or inappropriate, except romping around naked. I just don't know how to handle this. Part of me wants to tell her to not be naked in front of me, part of me wants to just ignore the situation altogether. With the risk of sounding perverse, I do kind of enjoy it. She's not that bad to look at. What's a father to do?
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You don't mention if you live with your daughter's mother. I'm just supposing you don't. In which case I'd be asking your daughter what kind of thrill she gets from stripping off. Were she in contact with her Mom I'd ask her to have a mother-daughter talk with her. There isn't anything abnormal with the human body - there are times our six-year-old son sees both me and his Mom unclothed at home - but if you feel uncomfortable about seeing your teenage daughter nude then it's your home and your rules and you have to tell her as much. You don't mention how old she is - if she were say 13 I might interpret it as an early act of teen rebellion, if she were say 17 I might wonder about her motives.

Let her be naked as much as she wants. It's healhty especially that she don't do anything sexual. Try to be naked as well.

Some people are so stuck up! People have nudity tied with sex because they are not intelligent and discipline enough to handle it. They are weak minded and afraid. In many countries now, families have seen each other nude and some live nude in their tribes or town. And guess what, they have the lowest rape and other sexual crimes anywhere. Nudity is a part of life and they don't have to fantasied and become criminal with those actions.

In a household, living together is a burden if you have to hide and sneak around to change your clothes or in the shower. If you can go to a gym's or pool's and take a shower and use the bathroom in front of strangers, why are you scared in front of your family?

My daughter is so comfortable with no clothes on. She is only dress when she leaves the house. Our family and friends see her all the time and it is normal for us. We all don't see it as sexual. If she wore shorts and a shirt, she will still be treated the same.

My friend and I was skypeing. She was at her desk and you can see behind her. The stairs and the kitchen's opening. Her daughter came downstairs and went to her and then go to the kitchen. She was completely nude. I'd asked her who was that and she said it was her daughter. She was always nude. Her other daughter answered the door and her and her naked daughter's friend entered the room. Her naked daughter came downstairs and met her friend. They were going back and fourth as we talked. My friend said that her daughter loves to be nude at home and no matter what, she says nude at home, even with other guests comes over.

Very well put. A sensible post.

Everyone should go nude and especially at home. Good on all those that do.

I agree with you I am nude with my friends and their daughter every time I go to their's nothing sexual we just all enjoy being nude

Accept it. Telling her the naked body is wrong will only give her hang-ups that she doesn't need. We all have naked bodies and unless it is cold there is non real reason to cover up. Religion/Society has it all wrong. Nudity is NOT immoral it is thought of that way because someone once said so and no-one was brave enough to stand up to them. Nude does not mean sex. Sex is something that loving people quite naturally do and id does not have to include being nude. Let your daughter live her life as naturally as possible. Yes, I am sure you like looking but as long as that is ALL then no harm is done.

I guess I should be ashamed because I acknowledged that I have a pretty daughter, huh. I never said anything about any desires. I never eluded to any perversions. I never mentioned any sexual misconduct in any way shape or form. If you can't hear about someone being naked without thinking you have to go hide somewhere and get yourself off, that's your problem. Not mine. Being naked and having sex are two completely different subjects. At least they are in my household.

Be a ******* father, you pansy-assed ****. If you are feeling stirrings about your own daughter, you need to tell her to put some clothes on when she's around you. Be a ******* man. Your daughter has a problem too, running around naked in front of Daddy is inappropriat, after a certain age. All you ******* morons that are saying, " she deserves to be nude." , have got your heads up your own *****. It can be called incestual even if nothing happens, and the thoughts are there. Yea, she deserves to be naked all she wants, as long as Papa isn't present. What kind of father says about his own daughter, " She's not bad to look at.", and what collection of people support this. I'm no prude, by a long shot, but I also know right from wrong. You ******* hillbillies that don't see a problem, would probably support marrying your first cousins too. Why don't you all sit around a camp fire and sing Koom Bya together. Get in the real world.

When I posed the question a year and a half ago, it was NOT about my daughter, it was about me. I felt awkward having just retired and spending more time around the house only to discover that my daughter spent a lot of time naked.
It took me a while to adjust to it. It is her house as well as mine and had been her house more than it was mine as I was gone (to work) most of the time.
She's not the one that needed talking to, I was.

What the **** is the matter with you people? Daddy says he doesn't mind, because she's not bad to look at, and nobody seems to see a problem with that?!!!' Are you kidding? All of you who answered incorrectly, give yourselves a slap upside the head.

Have you ever taken any photo's of her while she is naked?

dude its his daughter

and also she should have the freedom to be naked and let it be innocent

Let her be herself and be nude.

god knows enough teenage girls hate their bodies
we need more teenagers comfortable in their own skin
i hated mine as a fat kid and still do

She sounds like she's comfortable making her own decisions and is comfortable covering up when it is necessary.
If it begins to bother you, rather than talk to her about the discomfort, try to allow her to be herself and take up an absorbing hobby.

its just self discovery

basically a lot of teens either go ew and then cover up

a number become open about nudity

a minority become naturists , some become exhibtionists and most others just go meh.....then stop when they become adults

its like trying on a bunch of hats and finding which one fits
im not saying like a phase
more like self discovery
like being gay or bi ...they dont become gay or bi ....they just find who they are and go oh thats who im meant to be.....

equally with teenagers who are nudist or vegetarian ....not a fad ..... just like here i am ....this is who im meant to be etc

how old is she?

Let her be. It is very comfortable.

Allow it to be the natural action that it is. She's obviously very comfortable nude, and probably has been for some time. She show's maturity in her decisions to dress for friends who are uncomfortable, and it sounds like she is dressed in the evenings when the rest of the family is home.
Honestly, I would commend her for being so casual, and encourage her to continue living how she is comfortable.

post a pic of her and will decide that way

Join her and enjoy it but ask her if she minds first. Be subtle about it just not bothering to dress when you don't need to. No funny business 'though.

Just be natural it's no big deal she doesn't do anything to provoke she is just more comfortable being naked and I understand her completely my daughter she is 30 and she is always naked and so am I and hubby to we all enjoy being naked together I think you should try it to maybe you will like it to and you will understand why she enjoys being nude.

Se is very comfortable nude around you and her friends. Let her. My daughter gets nude as soon as gets home and never puts nothing on. When family and friends come by, she still is nude. She had a slumber party last weekend. Some how she got everyone nude for the week.

What's the problem? She's happy - you just be happy about it...!

If it is turning you on - you might want to ask her to stop.

let her be naked,shes not doing anything dirty and like you said she does look nice

I grew up in in a clothing opp home with one sister, we were aloud to be naked from very young and were most of the time during the summer months. My mom was topless or naked much of the same time. Skinny dipping with our parents was common.

My two daughters grew up the same way, sometimes they would wear clothes much of the time naked. Both girls now in their 40's both with kids, one still enjoys the nudist lifestyle with her own family.

I suggest you let her do her thing, as long as there's nothing sexual about it what's it to hurt.

First thing you should do is voice your support for her making the choice to stay nude in front of you as it was a brave and mature decision for her to make.

You didn't mention having been nude in front of her, but if you haven't you should come out of your bedroom nude and asks her if she minds you joining her in being nude at home. Then you can be a lot more comfortable discussing things and make observations. It would then be very natural to comment on her having shaved her pubic hair and asking if she thinks you should try it too. It would also be a good thing to have your wife join in the family nudity.

let her keep being nude at home as long as she not causing any problem doing it, beside it always nice to see a hot ypung nude body.

My wife and I plan to allow our children to be naked around the house, regardless of age (once they're potty trained, that is). We learned that by being so open about being naked, it'll open up the doors of communication as well as allowing them to be comfortable in their own skin. As long as she's okay with it, and you've described her to be a well mannered girl, let her. It'll go a long way in not only building her confidence and positive outlook of her body, it'll open the doors of communication as well.

can i visit you? but even though i'm as perverted as anyone at the end of the day man it's your daughter for godd's sake, tell her to cover up because by the way you are questioning it here is a definate sign you're considering crossing a line beyond her nudity soon

I have never had a perverted thought about my daughter and can't imagine having one. My concerns were not about that, but rather about my conscious. Setting a personal, right or wrong, "Is it right, wrong or indifferent to have a teenaged daughter naked or not?" I have pretty well decided it's indifferent. I don't care if she's naked or not it's up to her.

i'd have to say it's wrong then but once again its down to personal choice really just do whatever you feel is right by you and her no matter how others judge it

It's a testament on how she has been brought up, she's comfortable being naked around you and feels safe, it's fantastic that she not inhibited being nude around you, well done.

I had two daughters, and both of them ran around the house naked most of the time during summer months. Their mother didn't help as she did the same. They continued untill they left home. Both now in their 40's, one still enjoys the nudist lifestyle with her own family.

Some people just enjoy clothes free, if she's not doing anything stupid let her be.

Just enjoy the site of her like she is.

mmmm wish i could see your daughter around the house as well.