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Mom didn't care very much about nudity. She was rather conservative but she bathed or showered with me and my sister up until we babies were well in our teens. More she loved to tan topless and even naked in the backyard and on my'dad's boat and we girls did the same with her. Dad see us in the nude thousand times. Sister was more shy and stopped being naked in front of dad at 15 or 16yo when she got nice boobs and a very thick hairy tangle on her pubes but I carried on a few years. I had no problems being naked in front of dad going naked at home until I was 18yo.
lefthandedwife lefthandedwife 31-35, F 26 Responses Sep 9, 2012

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When raised without the stigma that society casts on nudity it's funny how much more relaxed families are

Do you still nude?

You look gorgeous in your profile picture. :-)

When I was a teenager my mom saw me naked often in the summer as we had a pool and I never wore a suit. She had some pretty skimpy bikinis, but I was th only one nude.

What happened when you turned 18?

You are very lucky to have been raised in a family with such a relaxed attitude toward family nudity.

It seems like you have a wonderful family while growing up. I assume you were nude around your dad until age 18 when you left home, not that you started dressing again?
We have a nude home where clothes are optional for everyone. Our kids have grown up not having to bother dressing, and for the most part friends and family have accepted our choice.

For not caring much about nudity your mom sure was naked a lot. There must have been some underlying reason why your sister and eventually you stopped parading around naked. Was this a controlling thing for you dad? Maybe his thoughts and values were not as pure as they should have been having naked girls running around.

i was mudist an wife semi nudist we raise out two girls to be nudist or should say clothing optional it was nohting wrong or embrassing to see any of us at home in any form of undress

you sound like one hell of a fun lady.

Nudity is just the way we are meant to's natural, healthy, honest, and free..good that you shared those experiences

I really loved this story. I hope there is more of them to come (pun intended)!

I bet your dad wanted to **** you so hard...

Did your Dad show any signs of arousal? That would have made your day! I love your stories. Very vivid and arousing. Would you add me?

No doubt, dad loved it!

I'm sure dad enjoyed it a lot!

I think you should have more topless tan as a young teen girl. Believe me, it is nothing wrong in this. There is many teenage girls in Spain younger than you were in this situation and they love topless tan.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I'm vary intrigued and would like to hear more. Please add me i would love to chat and share some of my stories as well.

Thank you... Added!

Lucky dad, i bet he got very aroused by watching 3 naked beauties,i know i would ;)

sweet :)

really wow

why not? nude is natural

I grew up in a clothing opp home with 1 sister, we were able to be naked from very young. During the summer months we were naked a lot. Our parents saw us naked everyday, my mom was topless or naked much of the same time. We skinny dipped with our parents often.

Wonderful story. Did your father feel comfortable being nude in front of you?

He had been never nude in front of me

Oh well. At least he got to enjoy seeing you and your sister. If he was like me he didn't look in a sexual way but just enjoyed your feeling comfortable enough to be naked in front of him. I have seen my daughter nude several times

He was exactly like that

Mine was more reversed. My daughter always saw me nude, but was more shy herself. Often ran around the house in just her bra and panties, but I only saw her nude a few times. Of course we always shared hotel rooms when travelling and on vacation, so modesty was more relaxed then. She definitely liked "catching" me nude whenever she could, which was often.

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Did your dad ever look at you in a way like my little girl has really grown up and is really hot looking??

I am surprised and impressed with families that are more relaxed about nudity. I have been able to break out of the "public nudity is bad" paradigm, but it is a minority opinion amongst my family and friends.