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First Time With Sister

It happened when I was in my teens either 14 or 15 while my sister was 16 or 17 and although we had seperate bedrooms we would often get together in either hers or mine before turning in. I remember it was summer and had not long started sleeping in the nude and that it was a particularly hot and stuffy evening.
We had both gone up to bed as usual as directed by our parents and my sister beckoned to me to join her in her bedroom. The usual tactic was to go to our own room and prepare for bed before we would get together and talk about whatever. We did as usual so I slipped on some PJ bottoms carefully crossed the landing avoiding the squeaky floorboards and pushed the door ajar slightly. She whispered back for me to come in and I slipped round the door carefully closing it behind me.
She was wearing her PJ's and laid out on top of her bed on her front with a book open in front of her so I sat on the edge of the bed and we started chatting. Suddenly she asked why I was ony wearing bottoms so I said cos it was hot she sniggered at my remark then said you sleeping in the nude aren't you? I think I blushed as she said it was ok she had been the past few nights as it had been so hot and stuffy. We carried on chatting about other things then she said she was going to get to sleep and I recall saying goodnight or something and standing up. Then she smiled at me and said dare you to take them off now which was not a good thing to say to me as she already knew. I looked at her for a minute then said, "I will if you will." thinking she would back off. My sister was not usually one to pick up a dare no mater what it was but she spun round on her bed and pulled her top off over her head then ripped the bottoms off and just lay there with a smile on her face.
This was the first time I saw her naked in fact the first time I had seen a naked female and was stood there looking at her breasts and bush, "Your turn." broke the silence then I pushed my PJ's down and stepped out of them.
This was the first time any of my family saw me naked aside from my mother when I was much younger and the first time I saw my sister naked as well, the first of several such occasions.
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Nice. :)

sounds very exciting. how did she react to your nudity?

Initially I do not know as my recollection was that she merely smiled as I stepped clear of my PJ's but we were close at that time and things did develop which you can read about in other stories.

A nice story! Thank you
for sharing it! :)

It's been almost a year since I first read this well-written story. It made me smile again at the picture you painted in my mind.

Thanks again!

Your welcome am glad you enjoyed reading it again.

Sweet so nice


I grew up in a clothing opp home, I saw my sister naked almost everyday through our high school years.

when i was 12 .. my mother remarry. My step father had two daughters.. they would come visited during the summer... well my one sister was 12 as me the other was 10.. Well my mother would let us bath together to save water.. this was first time i seen real naked girl.. we didn't think anything about being nude.. We just taking a bath... But when she turn 13 she stop bathing nude with me.. and wouldn't let me see her nude again..

My mom bathed my sister and when we were little, and we continued to share the bathroom right through high school.

I bet your **** was soon hard and she liked to see a hard one

Having been somewhat forced into nudity by my older brother, I wondered if similar activities took place between brothers and sisters. A few years later, as an exchange student, I stayed with a large family. While they didn't walk around the house nude, the kids were obviously comfortable being seen naked by each other. My exchange brother and I once walked through a bathroom where two of his sisters were taking a bath together (they were both under 10). They squealed briefly but then laughed at the look on my face. In one other incident, one 11 year old sister was in a large bathroom with another sister (younger) and two younger brothers, one of whom was sitting on a chamber pot! The oldest girl was totally naked and the others in varying states of nakedness - no one seemed to think a thing of it. I was fascinated and jealous at the same time. That's how families should be, but not how mine was.

i have sort of same thing we were step brother and sister they married when is 14 years old and my step sister was 12 year old we were more like in love and were boy friend and girl friend had sex and then she wanted to back off but there was still sexual tension between us we use to party together drunk and high and then some times would have sex and i remember we would also sneak into each other rooms and talk and sleep

Very nice story.

I grew up in a clothing opp family and saw my sister naked almost daily. During summer months very little or nothing was worn.

NICE -id it go any further

Good for you two ;)

Great story, what a lovely sister you have.

Wish i had a sister like that

Nice. Do tell the stories of the other times too

Ty. I will add more soon.