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Amazing Naked Day With My Mom

This experience made me the most nervous at first but in the end defiantly turned out to be amazing as it started open nudity with my mom! I was 17 and It was the middle of winter. The morning started when my dad got me and my brother up for school but i quickly checked the school website and that's when found out school was cancelled. Although the roads were terrible my dad still had to go to work since he was in the military. My Mom was already at work as she had left earlier that morning, so It was just me and my brother for the morning.

My brother and I quickly went back to bed but after a while I noticed I couldn't go back to sleep. I laid in my bed for a while when thoughts started to go through my head, I wondered what it felt like to sleep naked. I had always wanted to sleep naked but never did because of the fear of being caught. But this morning I knew I couldn't get caught so I quickly slid my boxers off under the blanket and tossed them on the floor. I laid there again for a while naked and felt a ***** tent under the blanket. After a while I gave up on going back to sleep and decided to get up. I wanted to stay naked so I left my boxers were they were and slipped upstairs without my brother seeing me.

I was now naked in my house and I loved it. I didn't know what to do next, so I just grabbed a blanket, in case my brother came upstairs, then went to the living room to watch TV.

A few episodes later I heard a car pulled in the drive way. I rushed over to the window and saw it was my mom, she was home early! I panicked and ran over to the couch and coverd my **** with the blanket. I heard the door swing open and I said " good morning!", "shouldn't you be in school?" She replied as I heard her stomp off the snow on her shoes. "Snow day." I said from the living room. "Lucky you!", "yup." I the sat there under the blanket while my mom got undressed from her coat.

My **** started to get hard again and that's when ideas started to pop into my head. I then through the blanket to the other couch and spread my legs a little to show off my *****. Now at this point I tried my best to stay calm but I was so nervous, my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking a bit. I wondered my was going to happen, what was mom going to do? Would she be shocked? Angry? I didn't know and that's why I was so nervous but what she actually did i didn't expect at all. This would be the first time i willingly flashed my **** to my mom and who knew that was about to happen would spawn many more "fun" times with her in the future.

"so how come your home early?" I asked and she said "the power went out because of the snow so they sent everyone home" as I heard her walk towards the living room. "Annnnd, why are you naked?" was the next thing I heard as my mom stood in the doorway to the living room in shock. I was somewhat calm out the outside and my mom was standing there staring at my *****. I smiled and managed to spit out "I decided to have a naked day." Then her shock slowly turned into a smile and she said "huh..sounds fun." Then turned and went to the computer room to check her emails like she usually did when she got home.

"That was it?" I thought to myself in shock. She didn't tell me to get dressed or nothing and I couldn't believe it. I then got up and walked to the bathroom with my **** still rock hard. I sat on the toilet and tried to pee with my ***** but it fell Awkward. My mom a few seconds later walked in on me peeing and said nothing. She dropped her works pants and then I said "taking a shower?" She smiled at me and said "nope, I thought Id join you today." "You mean your gonna have a naked day too?!?" "Yup". I was shocked and stared at my mom drop her panties, once again showing me her thick black bush I love. Next came off the t-shirt and bra and then she bent over to pick everything up. I watched her boobs swing back and forth while she bent over and then she tossed everything into the laundry basket and left the bathroom. We had two laundry baskets, one in the bathroom and one in her room, why had she just used this one?

I stood up and walked over to the laundry basket, I loved to smell my moms panties and now was the chance to smell a fresh pair. I picked up the panties out of the basket and shut the door in case mom walked by. I found the spot from between her legs and noticed they were wet, my moms vagina was wet....I quickly put the panties to my face and sniffed them. They smelled amazing and I put it in my mouth and licked it, it tasted even better. I then remembered my mom was naked in the house and I was in the bathroom. I quickly stuffed mom's panties back into the basket and left the room.

I walked out not even bothering to hide my now 7 inch ***** and walked into the kitchen where mom was making herself a tea. She turned to face me with one hand on her hip and her tea in the other. What if my brother wakes up I asked "Then he can join us" she said before she sipped her tea "To bad he loves to sleep in because I don't think he would want to miss this." I said as I was staring at my moms boobs. "You've gotten bigger...and hairier then I remember" "Gotta love puberty!" I said as I chuckled and grabbed my hard ****. "You ever shave?" She asked drinking her tea again "Nope I like being hairy for some reason." "Me too." My mom said as she took one hand and rubbed it through her bush. I was so horny at this point, I was talking to my mom naked like it was normal and I felt great.

She then said she was going to do the dishes and I said I'd go back to watching TV. A few minutes later I was still horny but didn't want ********** because then my **** would go limp. I wanted to see my mom naked again so I got up and walked into the kitchen making an excuse that I was thirsty. The water dispenser was beside the sink so I needed to squeeze through my mom and the table to get to it. I could of easily went around the table but being horny I decided to have some fun.

My **** was covered in pre-*** so is said "Excuse me!" As I slowly squeezed through my mom ad the table rubbing my **** and per-*** along my moms fat ***. She just kept washing the dishes as I heard her giggle a bit. I poured myself a drink of water and began drink, I quickly chugged that back and poured myself another drink. This time while I was drinking my mom said "Boy you sure are thirsty!" and then to my surprise she took a cup and put it over my *****. I placed my drink on the table and we both laughed and stared at the cup being held by my ****. "What if that falls off? Then we're in trouble." "That's not gonna happen because you'd have to go limp and we both know that's not happening!" "That's because we're naked together!" We then both laughed.

She then grabbed the cup of my **** and kept washing dishes. My **** was wet from the cup so I asked for the rag she was using and she tossed it at my chest. I took it wrapped it around my **** and stroked it a few times to get the water off. I then decided to have some more fun, I twirled the rag and whipped my mom and hit her straight on the *** cheek. "Ouch!....**** that hurt!" She yelped as she turned to face me "Language!" I said as I then whipped her again in the boobs."stop that!" She said grabbing her boobs. " fine." I said as I laughed and tossed her the rag.

"Look at the mark you left." She grabbed her left boob and showed me her nipple. "It's not that bad." I then bent over and flicked her nipple " hey! That's it" she then grabbed the rag and I began to run around the table but she managed to whip me in the shoulder. I then ran into the living room with mom chasing after me, I jumped onto the couch and she whipped me straight on the ***. I grabbed my *** in pain and rolled over where she immediately whipped me right above the ****, on my Pubic hair. I grabbed my **** saying "woah! That was close." "What you hit me in the *** and I can't get revenge? "The **** would of been so much more painful." "**** are pretty sensitive too." "Well then I guess I'm sorry." I said as I stood up and giggled.

My mom then put out her arms for a hug and I hugged back. I felt my moms DD's against my chest and my **** was rubbing against her leg. My moms hands moved down my back and slapped my ***. i smiled then stepped back from the hug and my mom said "you got your pre-*** all over my leg!" "So sorry mom." I said with a frown " It's alright honey" She then rubbed it off with her hand then rubbed it back onto my chest. I said thanks and laughed. She then turned around to walk back to the kitchen and I stepped forward and slapped her *** back. Se then turned around "What you slapped mine." "Fair enough." I then went back to watching TV.

Later that day my brother still hadn't came upstairs, I heard him at some points on the mic though so I knew he was playing Xbox. Boy was he missing out! Anyways, I walked by mom who was sitting on the toilet reading and she asked if I could put the dogs out. I said I would so I let them out of the cage and brought them to the back door and they quickly ran outside. I then closed the door and my dirty, horny mind came up with one last thing to do to my mom.

I opened the door, bent over and stuck my hands in the snow by the door for a few seconds. My hands hurt a bit but I knew it would be worth it. I then called my mom into the kitchen to show her something. She quickly came in and I said "Boy is it cold! Look!" I put my hands out and grabbed both my mom's ****. She yelled aloud then grabbed my hands but I moved them down her curves to her hips and she kept yelling "stop!". I then stopped and took my hands away. We both laughed and then my mom said "holy ****! That was cold..". It worked and my moms nipples where now big and hard. "I can tell." As said as I stared at here nipples. She too looked down and and just smiled saying "so then you just wanted to show me how cold it was?" "Yup." " I could already tell it was cold because of you balls there." She said as she pointed at my **** as they had shrunk up, we both laughed some more.

By this time it was late in the afternoon and mom came holding a towel and said "Your fathers coming home soon so unfortunately our naked day has to come to an end honey." "Aw man, but I like the feeling of being naked." "Me too but I want this to stay our little secret." She said smiling "ok then! But I hope we can do this again some time." (It did.) "we'll just have to wait and see. But for now you'll have to get dressed" "ok then." I said a little disappointed. Then she through the towel at my penis and it hung off the *****. " and feel free to take care of that any time now before your father gets here".

With her standing there I starting to stroke my **** while staring at her ****. "Not here silly, that's a private matter." So I took it into the bathroom and *********** into her panties I smelled and licked earlier that day. After i was done i walked out of the bathroom with my limp ****. My mom was on the computer now dressed and I in the meanwhile was still naked. I walked over to her with my **** a foot from her face. She looked over at it and said "Finally taken care of that thing now eh." "Yup." "Now go get dressed, your father should be here any minute." I slipped downstairs, past my brothers room and got dressed. From then on me and my mom were more open about nudity and we always saw each other naked and didn't mind. Boy I Love My Mom!

*note - sorry for the long story, it's just ill never forget that day. :)
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Next time have sex with your mum

Cute story

Wow! What a great story! :)

great story

please post your story without ****

A wonderful story.

Souns fun ;)

Can u post about another one?

Great story! I enjoyed every single word. Thanks! :)

Bout time you added some photos of your super sexy horny mom for us all to enjoy

That is awesome. Sounds just like my mom and aunt

i enjoyed the length of your story. nice detail. casual nudity. very erotic. great to hear about.

Wow! That experience must have been
visually, physically, and emotionally
pleasurable, exciting, & enjoyable for
both you and your mom! :)

Wow wish I could spend a naked day with my mom

Wow. What a great story.

Wow , I wish me and my mum could do that

Amazing..very good story

This was the best naked story I've ever read. Seriously. Like I want to see this in video form or something. Haha. I want to hear about your second naked day with her

Great story!! Would love to hear about more of your adventures!

My brother is 3 years younger than me so he would of been 14 at the time. Since he was ALWAYS playing video games, i literally mean DAILY, for that me and my mom did stuff while my brother never had the chance and i never told him anything. What me and my mom did was our secret =). The only time he would of done anything is when he maybey saw her walk out of the bathroom after her showers or baths. my mother and i are very close while my brother is closer with my dad.

Wow! What a great story! Wish I was you :-) How old was your brother and did ever got to know afterwards or participate himself on any later occasion ?

Yeah, it was great! I actually had a few more naked days with my mom after this too!

nice hot story, it was cool your mom had a nude day with you, i think more family should have nude days,

That's awesome! Love it. Best way to be;)

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Thank you :) and yup, I did

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