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Naked In Front Of Family Members

When i was 18 my brother blackmailed me he found out about certain things i have done when i was younger something that would got me kicked out of the house never spoken to again so i asked him what it was he said this my friend is having a birthday coming up and hes been down he told me if i striped at his friends birthday party he wont tell mom and dad so i agreed the night came and e said everyone will tell me if do it or not or i tell on you so i got ready when i was about to go u i told him to go away and he said ill be in the house he went inside the party was big out in the backyard they had a platform stage made for his birthday for the band they asked the birthday boy to come up he did and then i got up and said you've always had a crush on me he did at the time and i said this is for you birthday boy the band played the music and then he sat down and i started my dancing and then off came the clothes but by bit what i didnt know that was my brother lied when i got fully naked on the stage i saw him in the front role cheering me on i couldnt stop what i was doing i covered up for a minute i was so in a state of shock at that time after i was down i ran into the house and grabbed for a robe that was in the bathroom when i got the robe he came up to me and said i was there the whole time and i said what he said he never got a clear view and that he wanted to make sure i did it and that i wouldnt pay off his friends into saying i did it. So the next day he said i vow not to say a word to mom or dad about it because i did my deed. and he said you were great last night sis i was hoping i could see all of you all i saw was part of the show and only little parts of you and that i was so pretty without my clothes. hes always try to see me naked growing up he was 16 and i was 18 his friend turned 18 and so i thought to get a big favor from y brother would make great payback i asked him how much u want to see me Naked and he said he would do anything to see me so i told him would you be my slave for the next three months and do everything i ask of you no matter what it is you would do it he gave a quick answer he shouted yes right away.

so the next day when om and dad left me and y brother were alone in the house i had him sign a piece of paper saying slave three moths everything asked will be done no matter what it is it has to be done and no saying no everything yes after signing the paper i left the room and got ready when i went back in the room my brother was in i was wearing a towel and i asked him to sit down and i said no touching no pictures and said you better get your eyeful caus once this towel drops you have one minute and he was shouting one minute sally you tricked me and i said yes i did after you tricked me now you signed the paper its a contract you have to honor it he said damn really loud and he said one minute with this agreement we have i say two minutes so i thought about it so i agreed to the two minute show.

he sat down i took a deep breath and dropped the towel reveling everything he was shouting oh my god over and over he got a good look after two minutes i left the room and my heart was pounding and i was out of breath and i was scared i was thing i cant believe ive just did that.

after i got dressed i gave the slave agreement to the test started by asking for all his money he said no and i said contract and he said you tricked me again i got 25.00 from him.
nudegirl3 nudegirl3 26-30, F 11 Responses May 22, 2013

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well done

I'm a bit amazed you didn't get the three month slave period out of the way and then do your nude show - hope it worked out

Great story!

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Info was u brother n u did for me I would have pulled my **** out stared jacking off infront of until I ***

Very cute story, I enjoyed reading it.

you She-devil you! Nice moves!!!

Thank you for the laugh. Great story from a clever girl.

Reading this makes me smile. Love it and thanks for sharing!

you made the most out of the situation congrats

I'm sure he felt it was worth $25 and would willing pay that amount again to see you naked :)

Lol. You crack me up! Always this common sense humor. I bet you're right. Hahaha.

Thank you. Too many take the little things in life too seriously :)