Unofficially A Clothing Optional Beach

I went on a vacation with a few friends over to Europe where we met up with one of our friends cousins who showed us around the area we were staying. One of the places they brought us for a day was a beach on a river that passed near their town. The beach was recognized to be clothed, but nobody had ever enforced it, and nobody had a problem otherwise. When we arrived at the beach, there were at least a dozen people already there with only 5 of them wearing swim suits; 3 of which were girls only wearing bottoms. So when we got there we all took off our tops, and the eldest cousin dropped his swimming trunks exposing his penis to us, but the 2 younger cousins' mother forbid them from doing so. We soaked up the sun for a few hours, and played in the water for a while as well. It was at this time the beach was getting more crowded, and it was pushing 30 people, and now only 16 or so were nude or topless and more people were slowly arriving.

We played by the water for a while longer, then the middle age cousins accused us girls of being afraid of the river crabs. I said we were not, they were just crabs. So he challenged me to come to the river and catch one. After a few minutes we had both caught little crabs, and frustrated he then made a challenge that we each put the crab in out bottoms and the first one to take it out is afraid of crabs. I nervously glanced at the other girls who were laughing and telling me to go for it, so we both put the crabs down our bottoms (he was wearing a small tight speedo like bottom). We were like that for maybe 30 seconds before he started shifting nervously and a small bulge started to push out on his bottoms as he started to get an erection. This must have scared the crab as in the next few seconds he was on the sand yelling as the crab had pinched one of his testicles. I started to move forward to help and my crab decided I needed a pinch too as he snipped at my left labia and I too was on the sand pulling off my bottoms and trying to pry apart the crabs pincher.

After that experience we went back to our house and needless to say, I was holing an ice bag to my vag, while he held an ice bag to his bag...
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Years ago I was at a beach in Germany. Many women were topless, but no one was nude. There were no changing areas, so everybody changed right out in the open; some people tried to cover up under a towel, but many did not. First I started by laying out on my stomach and then removing my suit. No one said anything or seemed to care. By late afternoon I decided I wanted to go skinny dipping, so I just took my suit off and went in the water. This went quite well, so when I got back to my towel I never put my suit on the rest of the day, regardless of whether I was lying on my back or stomach. All in all a great day. I just wish I had gotten nude from the very beginning. It was quite exciting, especially in the late afternoon when the beach was very crowded.