Swimsuits Just Don't Cut It.

I honestly can say, there is nothing that I hate more than the feeling of a wet swimsuit pressed against your skin. It just feels awful. I in fact, don't even own a bikini anymore because of how much I oppose the feeling. So, I'm not exactly ecstatic about going to a clothed beach.

One time back when I was 17 and did still own a bikini, my family (Me, my mom, my dad, and my sister) went on a vacation down to some beachfront in New Jersey, I forget the name. Well, the plus side was that I wore a bikini the entire time I was down there, because it was acceptable attire, so I was almost nude the whole time. But, when I went to the beach, I was conflicted. I wanted to go in the water, but I didn't wanna deal with that wet swimsuit feeling. So, I found an area of the beach that had less people on it and was farther away from the lifeguard tower, and I spread my towel out there. I looked around at first, to see if anyone was looking, but then decided that I didn't really care. I ******** off my bikini top and then pulled down my bottom and threw it down onto the towel. I strolled down to the water, totally nude. A couple of people saw me, but I'm not sure how carefully they were looking, they might have just thought I was wearing a small bikini or something, because no one pointed at me or anything. I got in the water and at first it was going smoothly until some other girl swam up next to me. I was facing the other way and the top of my butt was showing out of the water. Haha, she told me that my buttcrack was showing and that I should pull my swimsuit up. Well, I turned around, and she saw that I was naked. The look on face was priceless haha. I explained the situation, that I hated wet swimsuits and all that and she reluctantly understood. She even said it was great that I was that open with my body than her. I thanked her, and told her she could try it with me, but she said no, she wasn't brave enough. I just shrugged and walked back to my towel nude, where I proceeded to lie on my belly and sunbathe before I put my bikini back on. I went back to the hotel room, and my parents didn't know a thing.

 Nowadays, I don't own a swimsuit anymore, I gave them up and made a pledge only to swim naked. This makes going to non-nude beaches difficult. But I sometimes do it, I just wear a towel around my... features until I get to my spot. As I said earlier, a lot of people don't notice I'm naked unless they are looking closely at me, they usually just assume I'm wearing a bikini, mostly because I'm with friends who are wearing bikinis. Thank god they make female swimsuits so revealing. Sometimes people walk by and laugh at me, or make disgusted remarks, and some guys make other remarks, but I would just ignore them, since it didn't happen often. Once I was caught by a lifeguard. He told me I had to put on a swimsuit, but when I told him I didn't have one, he just told me to stay away from the other beachgoers and it would be okay haha.

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I am envious of all you girls. I would love to do the same, but guys have to be much more careful, as we are more likely to get in trouble, at least here in the US. I do, however, usually just wear a thong on the beach, which is the closest I can come to being nude without a problem. Since most guys wear those awful knee-length "dork shorts", I do stand out a lot, even though I am still clothed.

Davyjo, I feel the exact same way. I too am envious... >:(

Good on you girl - why not, its natural afterall

I completely agree with you. I do still have a bikini, but I rarely use it anymore.

Like you, I don't own a swim suit because I hate having damp clammy fabric clinging to me. I have been naked on clothed beaches in France, Spain and Britain and as long as you are discreet it is not likely to be a problem. Topless sunbathing on these beaches is quite common, so losing your bottoms as well is no great deal. I usually wear a summery dress without underwear, so I can ***** off more quickly. I lie on my front - if there are too many people around I might drape my towel over my bottom - and I wait for a quiet moment to go for my swim. I have usually found people to be quite respectful of my privacy and I don't usually get comments directed at me. I tend to go to the beach in the evening after work and stay quite late until there is hardly anyone around, so when I come out of the water I can dry off naturally and sometimes wander about in the nude - once I walked back to my car without getting dressed. I see many women sunbathing in their underwear after work and often the bra and/or knickers are discarded as the evening progresses. If anyone challenged me, I will tell them quite truthfully that I don't own a bathing suit.

Get some body paint and just draw a bikini on yourself if you are at a beach where it is difficult to be nude.

Awesome! Kicking it off and enjoying the sun is the best!

I too thank god (God) that they make bikinis so revealing. <br />
I love your clarity of ex<x>pression. I like to be naked too. I think intellectually, our fixation with clothes is rediculous. I hope you continue in your non-bikini wearing ways and that you have only good experiences with it.

When I am laying on the beach nude, no one minds that, but for some reason they keep trying to help get me back into the water. lol

It sure was nice of the life guard to turn a cheek but he probably was more focused on them then the rules that day :) keep having fun in your great way wish I could join you, but I live in the middle of the great country. Superior was too crowded when I went up there but I did find a semi private stream/river with a fall and ******** down, the other people left except for two girls who just watched me for once, instead of making it go too far like usual.

It's just such a free feeling to be nude, in the ocean....sunshine, blue sky....and it's all natural!

We live in a very restrictive society. We are afraid that if we see someone nude, our eyes will boil in our head and the devil will carry us off to Hell. Really stupid stuff. Nudity is not good or bad, it just is.

When I was a freshman in college, I signed up for the swimming class for my gym requirement. I was surprised to find the class conducted, all year long, in the nude, the instructor included. Though the school was co-ed, the swim class wasn't, but I learned then the freedom of swimming naked, and ever since have avoided the wet-bathing suit experience whenever possible. It now seems sort of ridiculous to me that people would want to put on clothes to go into the water.

You have the right attitude about nudity and life in gereral.

I know. I wanna go there...

In Europe, you can go nude anywhere you feel like a swim, and no-one cares, and it's perfectly legal. The Europeans are so much more relaxed about nudity than we are in the Western world.

Ideally, no one ever swims clothed.

Can't say I've ever gone so far as wear only a towel, but I have a habit of wearing only a t-shirt and shorts to a textile beach then stripping them off to swim naked ASAP.

I love this story. I have been nude on many beaches, some textile beaches. The feel of a suit and sand is terrible. I just avoid going to a beach where I must wear anything.

I approve.

I have to agree with you about how a wet bathing suit feels, and the way it clings to your body and feels uncomfortable, especially out of the water.

Great lady.

I have done similar things, but being a guy, I have to find a section of the beach with nobody. It also helps if I have a pair of tan shorts handy, so I have "plausible deniability".

I would probably thank both them and you.

Hm, how would you have responded, if someone walked by and said, "Lady, I LOVE your fashion statement!" <br />
<br />
I know I do.

Thank you both =)