She Has A Tumor

I am not currently nursing her because she hasn't had the surgery to remove it yet. We are still in the early detection stages. But I will be soon.

We had both dogs taken in for their annual, my new dog's first check up. Our boy is doing excellent, could be fed a little more but great. Great teeth, very social. He kept rolling over and laying on his back stretching his paws out every time they asked him to do something. Our girl was nervous because she had surgery for a cyst over a year ago. She remembered and although she listened, she was obviously nervous about it. She doesn't look seven years old to anyone else but me. I can see the changes in her but she's so young. She runs circles around our boy. She lets him win sometimes and he prances around after.

She had a lump on her foot that kept going away and coming back. Recently it had gotten bigger so we decided to get that checked up. It didn't bother her or slow her down one bit, there was no pain when you touched it. It was like it wasn't even there. Still, it doesn't make the tumor they found any less serious to me. They said it was early enough but this was not her regular doctor.

I am a complete mess. My heart and soul is this dog. I feel the same about my kids. My dog has just been through almost everything with me over these past five years...

They are doing a biopsy on Monday and checking if it is malignant or not. She assumed it had not gotten to the bone or affected any nerves or important parts of her foot pad. They will be checking if there are any more in her...and it's completely nerve wrecking.

All I am thinking is, will she be able to do the same things in the mean time? Can I just keep going like always, playing and teaching her. Making sure that her life goes as it has. I remember last night before I knew all of this, I sat with her telling her she was my girl. She was always my girl and will always be my girl. She looked so happy, rolling over for a good belly rub. Pressing her face on my leg for a little puppy hug. I started thinking silly things like making a video with all the footage we have of playing, doing tricks, all the silly costumes she wore and pranced around with. I just didn't think there was a special occasion or reason to do it. I was going to do it just because. I make silly music videos from time to time. Now I am going to do it just to show her that she's been such a blessed soul in my life. She makes me happy...I am such a mess inside...

lol...they are so funny together. They were laying back to back. They looked like a mirror image of each other. Then while she was laying next to my foot as I am typing this, he ran off to eat my daughter's crayon. I looked at him and said, "oh no, you're a crayon eater too." My girl looked up at me with a "I didn't do it" face. Then looked at him and smiled like they share something devious in common. They are so cute. I am so glad they get along so even when I'm slightly not together on the outside, they are off playing or plotting something together.

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Lots of hugs coming their way! Thank you.

They are so lovely. I think make a video is a good idea. You don't need any special reason to make a video for them. They are part of your life is a good enough reason. Hug your dogs for me.

Thanks! She's my second head, lol! Now that I have a second, I feel like Cerberus. We could be that for next Halloween! A three headed dog monster! They are all so lovable that it's hard not to love all over them, ha ha.<br />
<br />
I mean, she's bouncing and playing like nothing else. She's just so happy. It's just when she sees me sad about it that she's bothered at all. Most of the time, she just lays her head on me to tell me it will be ok...then she shoves my boy off so she can be the only one cuddling with me, lol!<br />
<br />
But you know, border collies are so smart that it's so much easier to communicate with them about what they are going through. Then again...I don't know...most dogs are so full of emotion in their eyes, it's hard to ignore when they are sad, in pain, happy, wanting to play...

Oh, I hope she is ok. <br />
<br />
It is funny to hear you talk about her just as I do my dog.<br />
<br />
I guess I have always thought when people have children their pets always get less attention but sounds like you love her just as much xxxxx

Well whoever was the stand on doctor really sucked. She scheduled the appt when our normal doctor wasn't in but she said he would way I am getting my dog seen by her again. So far, nothing...just more waiting.<br />
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I want the tumor removed before a biopsy...because...I don't want them cutting and exposing a piece if it's cancer.

How heartwrenching. I hope it turns out well for her. It is nice that she has a little brother now :)

that's charming.