Norwegian Idyll

I went in Summer 2012 to see the 'midnight sun' on a cruise to the North Cape of Norway. The North Cape itself was a washout (a waste of money and time) but the next night from the ship we had round-the-clock sunshine. It was a very moving experience and I was very choked up, having dreamed all my life of experiencing such a phenomenon.
I enjoyed Norway very much and am hoping to return in 2013 (to different parts, on a different ship) to see more of its natural beauty.
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Yes, I went in May 2013 on Oriana from Southampton, cruise X308. Oriana was actually the first ship of the 2013 season to visit Geirangerfjord, and we had the anchorage all to ourselves. All around were small waterfalls, caused by snow melting. Some of them were quite noisy - you would hear a bang followed by a cascade of water for a few minutes. It was enchanting. Geirangerfjord is only 9 miles long but is a world heritage site because of the steep/sheer cliffs that line its sides.
The cruise also visited Stavanger, Olden and Bergen. I'd been to Bergen before and so chose a trip up the Ulriken Cable Car - well worth it as the weather was fine so the view was really spectacular.
Olden was a sleepy sort of place and Stavanger is a busy town with a charming old shopping district.
I'd go again!


Have you had the opportunity to go on another trip to Norway? I have been told that the Geiranger fjord has a beautiful mountainous backdrop and Seven Sisters waterfall is spectacular as is the Lysefjord.