Never Forget

i went on a missions trip in the summer of 2007 to Lima, Peru. It was one of thoes life changing experiences that you hear about and i will never forget the people i came in contact with and the things i saw. the trip was a gift from a close family friend who thought i would really enjoy it. i joined 500 other people in miami who also wanted in on the trip. after being divided into groups of about 20 people, we trained for 3 long days and learned a performance that we would show to many locals in Lima. I played the role of the china doll. the play was a metaphor for how god created the earth and everything in it. it demonstrated the love he has for us and how we need him in our life. Peru is a beautiful place, and the people are always smiling, cosidering how little most of them have. We stayed in a resort that caters to visiting americans and the food was amazing. i miss it. we were there for 2 weeks and each morning we met with our group and got on our bus and headed out to some new part of Lima that had not had the chance to see one of our performances. i will never forget the smiles and laughs of the young children as we handed out toys and hot chocolate. it really touched my heart and made me a little more greatful for the luxuries i have here in america. some days we helped at a local day care or assisted a family with cleaning the house. it was a lot of work and i was exhausted by the end of each day, but the things i learned and experiences i had are something that cant be beat. i hope someday i get the chance to go back, or even visit another part of the world and do the same thing. it was amazing.  

misselynn misselynn
18-21, F
Feb 19, 2009