Three Years

I was Kittychanel but I finally had that profile deleted. I wanted to start fresh for various reasons. I had a big circle and I couldn't go through and delete the people who haven't been active since last year. So people thought I was busy and whatever else. Not true. I joined EP in April 2009 and have had so much fun along the way. As time has passed so have the good times. People have left that I knew or just stopped coming on. I hope to find new friends and write cool stories again. I like entertaining people with silly or weird pictures. But I am holding back on writing anything personal now. I am not ready. And I am not feeding trolls. If they want to write crap on my stories so be it. It can stay there for all to see. And I will report you. I am done with you. Revenge and trying to defend myself to someone who has their own version of things is pointless. I have a right to be here and I won't let anyone take that away.
Kittychanel Kittychanel
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I have..Im still gunshy is all...and as Ediez says I hold grudges like nobodies business :/<br />
Yeah Ive been here since 2009 but I deleted my profile(****)

I have seen you around, for a long time... I do hope you can find enjoyement and friendship on EP again :)

No need to thank me. You are not only a cute lil kitten but an interesting adult as well :)

Oh its you! Wow..I read the other comment and didn't know who that was lol

No the problem is underneath your comment rose but I solve problems

There was a comment under your comment..its gone now

Thank you kind scram before you blow up the thread

Thanks :D<br />
I hope you dont attract the attention of one....there is only one that is regular and a real sicko...well grombol is a sicko but i dont see him around lol

I am not a old timer but I like that you came back...after the add. I wondered why you were leaving. I have not had a run in with a hacker troll yet but I am sure it is bound happen sooner or later. Welcome back and keep writing.

Well you're an oldtimer too and a nice person. I shouldnt have deleted her. That name is tied up anyway. I think I know who did that. Its just an empty profile. I don't know if he will get banned..they said they'd investigate it though Arsineh should know by now his M.O. Oh well its been quiet. If not Im ignoring him. I gave him way too much attention and broke TOS myself abusing him! Hey Im honest. But God if you feed them it makes it worse. Totally :) Thanks for accepting my add.

Good to see you back,it's a pity you felt the need to change your account for I have been in a similar situation to you,have shared a lot about myself however by doing so it has helped me overcome issues in my past.<br />
I too have had my fair share of abuse however I will never delete this account unless it is for my own reason and that would be the day when I decide I can contribute no more to EP.<br />
I am delighted you selected me to join your circle,thank you,it means a lot.

Yep I started on April 2009. Starting over feels weird. Im still kittychanel..just a different name. :)

Thank you moon :)

it gets old having these mean and cruel people that have nothing better to do but hurt you. The hell with them honey. You are a awesome person . those who know you.. love you

It's bad and good...:/