Once when I was very little I was on the television show Romper Room.
It was either in the late late 70's or very early 80's.  I was so young at the time I can't remember for certain.

I remember being dressed in my best outfit.  I remember sitting at one of the tables and while the host was talking all I could think about was how blindingly bright the studio set lights were.
They had a game,  I'm not even sure if it would be considered a game.  Basically, there were these big yellow cups that were turned upside down, there was (I think) a string that went through the base part of the cup, long enough to come up to tiny child hands and they were like stilts.  As all the kids, including myself walked around my shoe came untied.  I was determined to get it tied, yet I was too young to get it done myself.  I recall pestering the host for her to tie it as she tried to talk about something else.


The other time I was on television was when I was ice skating at this local park. A news van stopped by and one of the men inside asked if they could film me and the others there, telling us we'd be on the news that evening.  It turned out, the footage was used as background for the local weather report.  

Tayanne Tayanne
31-35, F
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Wow, you were on Romper Room! How Fun. I used to watch that in the early 70's