My (less Than) 15 Minutes

In 1978 I was in the sixth grade, attending Harding Elementary School in Sylmar, Ca. The weatherman from the local(LA) ABC network was Dr. George Fishbeck who I'm sure anyone my age or older fondly remembers. Anyway, he came to my school to do a special on earthquake preparedness. We did a drill and he interviewed our teacher and the camera panned around the room and that was it.

I go home and tell my Mom about it and that we should watch it. It comes on and they show the kids filing out and lining up outside for the earthquake drill and then they show the interview and then there is a shot of the kids from the back of the class. I didn't recognize them, they all had there backs to the camera. Then this one kid turns to look at the camera, and it's me. I laughed. I didn't remember turning to look that day, but I'll never forget seeing that on Television.

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I can imagine how proud you must have felt.....seeing yourself on the television for the first time at that age :) This must be one of your favorite childhood memories.