Roomer Room 1968-1969

My twin sister and I in 1968-1969



wen t OHIO and we were on the room per room mom dressed us just

alike . i our rember our class was on .tv ,

looking for the episode that we was on. I rember it was a

fall day and we went to ohio our 2 classess, we got to the big studieos.


We got to the studios where they filemed the shows nexk door they were doing the children show the bozo show . so I rember they asked for kids to come up and play some of the games so my sister and I got picked . it was so cool. I could see the men with the big camrara with red lights on the top of the camras , the screens was black and white or shall I say gray and white . so this person told us not to look at the big bright lights , and of corse we did . but do bee came in she was a big bee person, we played

A game with sticks and we were passing a octagone looking wire ball to the other children. It was so fun spending the day there watching my hero miss nancy talk to all of us all the games we played.

I will never forget that day it was so fun. Ive found some pictures of different years so my sister and I was in the audience and we also were picked to play a game with do be . so I hope everyone enjoys the blog.

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Lunnas,Thornyasarose, thank you. <br />
Prayer is so so important especially when taught to the young ones..

ty rose for your coment <br />
prayer in school is a good thing

I agree. And many parents need to bring prayer back into the homes of America!!!<br />
I wasn't sure if that was where I had been taught that little "blessing" because honestly, I don't recall ever NOT knowing it. It was something that I just always knew.<br />
And that just proves that....I was blessed!

oh yes and i think the schools needs to bring prayer back into the schools

Wasn't that the, "God is great, God is good, Let us thank Him for our food" prayer?

The thing that stands out is the prayer befor we would get<br />
a treat . the times of pure innocents . now days people cant even have a<br />
minute with thier eyes closed nad heads bowed. so sad . but it was a cool show<br />
i will rember it forger it was so fun, we got games to take home

Wow, Lunnas! This is SO COOL!!!!! I remember Romper Room so very, very well. Do Bee (and Don't Bee) definitely helped form my conscience, but wow(!!!), you got to actually meet Do Bee?!?!!!? That is so neat, I mean really, this was a show that was such a significant part of our lives back then. We all waited, at the end of each episode, to find out if we were going to be one of The Lucky Few that our teacher named, as she peered into all of our living rooms!

Hi mum,<br />
For my computer, they are all not opening. I wonder why today. Please try copieying them all at your profile photo albums because all those that are there open so nicely.

iam going to tell the hole story ep or my lap top was messing <br />
up so i will update this one

Oh...I guess, this must have beed alot of fun. I'm now 41 and have never gotten such an opportunity... MUST have been lucky...