You Gotta Laugh At Yourself:)

Today I was on the computer doing various things, including ep ;) , and needed to write something down. So I wrote it down, and looked back at my screen, while taking my hand , without looking to my mouse.

I had my hand on it, and was moving it and moving it, and trying one last time to find the cursor..."Damnit! Wth?" , I thought after a few tries. I looked down, and to my strange, "wow , I'm -an-idiot -moment"  amusement, my hand was moving around and on my CELL phone!!! LMAO....:)  Whaat??? It DID feel exaacctly like the mouse !!! Swearrr !!!

I started chuckling and thought, "what a blazing idiot"....hehehe..hey if  you can't find amusement somewhere , find it in the whacked out things you do accidentally- *note to self..don't put cell that is same color and size as mouse NEXT to mouse when coming in.* OK . :) 
Velvetlacedream Velvetlacedream
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1 Response May 16, 2012

It happens. Silly girl. :)

=) I haven't had SUCH a silly moment in a while..perfect word for it Jimbo!!hehe.. guess it does happen ;)