Suitboy Holds Hands

One time I was taking my mother-in-law out to do some grocery shopping on my day off and she hinted that it would be nice to see me looking sharp, so I shaved and got dressed up in a smart suit and tie outfit to please her. When I picked her up at her senior living apartment, she was already waiting outside for me and was not alone. She had obviously told some of her pals that her "Suitboy" was coming to take her out and that I would be dressed up just for her. The other old gals were going wild as I got out and opened the passenger side door and held it for her to get in and then closed it.
"What a gentleman!" one of them said, "And so sharp looking too!" I blushed but loved it.
At the supermarket, she got a little unsteady on her feet and complained that she's forgotten her cane. No problem, I said, and took her hand to steady her gait. We walked holding hands through the store as we gathered the few items that she needed in a small hand-held basket.
We got some great looks from people including an old friend of hers, who said, "So who's THIS handsome young man?" And before she could answer, I said, "I'm her date!" The old friend gasped a bit but then said, Lucky You to my mother-in-law before she walked away. We had a great laugh, but I got a big kiss and a 50 dollar bill when I brought her home. Not bad at all!
suitandtieguy suitandtieguy
Aug 7, 2010