Sheer Greed

This is something I've never told anyone about, apart from my husband Al, and now I'm going to share it with you.

Years ago I hate a friend, Angela, who for nothing more than sheer greed turned to prostitution. I will admit that I was impressed with this at the time as we were only 19 and to me it seemed quite cool. She wasn't a street prostitute, she was on the books at an escort agency and some days she'd come back with all these funny stories about how her day went and not to mention the vast sums of cash she was pulling in at the time.
As time went on, Angela had a long list of clients and decided to go out on her own without the agency taking their cut. Well, she was rather busy at this time and that's when she asked me if I'd like to make some quick and easy cash. I turned her down at first, but when she offered me again I jumped at the chance. Having sexy fun and getting payed for it? Who wouldn't want to do that? Well, she set me up with a client in a hotel and it all went quite well. The guy was hopeless in bed and it was the easiest money ever.

A few days after my first time, Angela told me that she had a few special clients and she told me that I could make way more money from these guys, double what I'd already made and of course I agreed to do it. What I didn't think about at the time was what would be expected of me from these special clients.

Angela introduced me to this older man, Henry was his name, a rather well off man who lived in a large house outside the city. After the introduction, she left me there and that's when I found out what this guy was into. I have to say that I was totaly disgusted by his fetish but when he handed me the cash I didn't care any more. I never in a million years thought anyone would like this kind of thing but I went along with it just for the money.
Here's what I had to do. I hope this doesn't repulse anyone reading this. But all I had to do was sit on his face or chest and take a ****
and when I'd done the deed I had to gyrate my hips and rub it all over the area of choice. It's called ''tar macing'' and something that I'd never heard of. I was angry with Angela for putting me with someone like that, but the money was so good that I did a return visit as I wanted a new car. On the second visit I gave Henry my number and told him to contact me any time as I didn't want to give Angela a cut of my earnings. The greed had well and truly set in by then.
For five months I helped Henry out with this filthy fetish and never once did I have sex with the guy. He was a human toilet and that's all he wanted to do, but I made thousands of pounds from him and in the end I stopped going as I had made more than enough to keep myself going for some time and it saw me through college. I was tempted to go back a few times, but I changed my number and just got on with it. So, yes Ive been a prostitute for a while and no it wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be in the begining.

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3 Responses May 23, 2012

Oh well. I guess it takes all sorts to get people off. Least you didn't have to shag him after you'd shat on him.. ;-)) x

I wouldn't mind a golden shower from you though.

That's one of the kinkiest things ever babe. You really are very naughty.