..HOW Dare You?

..You Quoted from the BIBLE things that should not have been quoted!


YES!...I am A drinker!

Yes ! ...I am a xdresser!




How Dare You Preach your beliefs so blatently!


This is a NO-DRAMA sight!

mzdivine mzdivine
20 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Tis in the bible but not for *preaching* but to read.<br />
<br />
The Lord gave us choice, that too is in the bible !

;o)P*<br />
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I didn't know any of this either!!! Just that you were my friend!!!<br />
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I think I'll go have a drink now and find a pair of panties to put on my head....<br />
Cross dressing might be fun....

I Re.Read this Question from 10 months ago, and realised that nothing changes!<br />
<br />
<br />
I had GREAT E.Pers on my side, but, I am still not accepted!<br />
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Your thoughts please?

Thank you, Wannatry!...Your view was so much appreciated!..Life is so hard!...Even if you don't drink,smoke,swear,watch T.V,read your bible!& etc!<br />
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I thank you!

At the end of the day people should delve more into the bible before assualting people with the word of their god. For surely sunday school taught them that jesus loves everyone the same hence god would love everyone the same aswell. Just in closing before people force their views on others they should look to the bible and read Matt. 7:1 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged."

Thankyou,so much for your comment!<br />
<br />
I needed that!...With the Fun Day ahead you have made my day!<br />
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Thank you, again!

I know this is an older post, but hey thats why they do not disapper. As someone who is a Christian, sorry you got preaced at. Each person is given a right to live thier life as they see fit. The bible does have certian standards to those who believe and follow it, it is not for those outside of wanting to follow the standards God has established. And if you run across any Christian who says they do not struggle with all the standards they are either unread or just plain lying. It is difficult and God made it that way on purpose. But again it is for those who want to follow the standard, those who sign on the bottome line, not everyone else. You have your own standard. We all have things we struggle with and those things we accept as normal that others do not. I myself have a conflict with the issues of crossdressing and sexuality, but they are mine and I have made my descion, I can not condone or condem someone for makeing thier desicion. If someone tells me they are a diehard sold out Christian and are living what the bible considers a ungodly lifestyle I may talk to them but not someone who is just being who they think they should be. Next time just ask them do they live up to the totality of the biblical law and if not why. If they say they do, run they are insane.

Totally agree!

It's funny those who preach and lambaste but always forget the adage "Judge not lest you be judged"<br />
<br />
And where's the frigging harm in some one cross dressing? If you like it then you do it. It sure can't harm me.

Don't get upset at other people who likes to preach. It's human nature that makes all of us judgemental. Most people would rather curse your darkness than to light a candle. Alot of people will grap anything they can to use as a weapon to belittle your views and opinions, the sad part is they don't do it for your benefit. They do it to try to raise themselves up above you. They also will never reveal any vices they have because they are better than you. And in that mentalitly is how they can cope with their own downfalls. <br />
I choose to drink when I want to. I have fun and enjoy life. I laugh when I need to. I cry when I have to. <br />
I crossdress as often as I can. I can't see anything wrong with it. I think it makes me a better husband to my wife and I understand women better. Its more of a mystery to me all men don't crossdress than it is that I crossdress.<br />
Divine Is my girl!!! I know her to be sweet and true. And I'm proud to call her a friend.......

Alicia Anne.<br />
<br />
Your comments were so true!...people comment on what <br />
<br />
they don't understand!...It IS hard to just STOP!<br />
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Thank you!,,,<br />
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THank you applebomb!<br />
<br />
Your comments were very much appreciated!<br />
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Don't blame you for getting upset, Divine -- people know that there are are certain buttons they can push that put someone on the defensive when it's nobody's damn business what you do with your life. i've gone through the drinking thing with so many people in my life -- So, you're an alcoholic? No, I'm not. Ah....an alcoholic IN DENIAL!<br />
Why don't you just quit? Would it be hard for you?<br />
i don't think it would be hard, no.<br />
Then just quit!<br />
i don't WANT to quit. It's a friend, a pleasure in my life for years. <br />
Ahhh, proof that you really NEED to quit!<br />
I notice you are not drinking tonight.<br />
Yeah, just ginger ale for me tonight.<br />
Ahhh, proof that alcohol is a problem -- you don't dare touch one! <br />
Ya can't win. So scroobie-doo them! It's your life. <br />
You're wearing a dress. You must feel trapped in the wrong body. Must be gay. Must be a freak.<br />
Actually, i.... Nah. Not worth your energy, sweet sister. Enjoy your life. It's YOURS. <br />
Kiss-kiss, <br />
alicia anne

Thankyou Honeypot, ...That means so much to me!!<br />
<br />
<br />
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yes you must ignore them. nobody has the right to speak for god! we just need to be kind and love each other each day that we are on this earth. i have read the bible a time or two. it says a lot of things . says jesus made wine out of water . and the men wore robes, togas etc are they not like dresses, skirts. i dont believe i am going to hell. and i like to drink maybe smoke once in a while and i now love to WEAR A DRESS!!! thank you god xoxo hang in there

Thank you everyone , this means so much to me!<br />
<br />
I'm going for a walk now to cool down<br />
<br />
( I wish I hadn't deleted the message though!!)

hey you cant pay attention to ignorance. people cannot play god and there isnt a person in this world that doesnt have any sin!

*big hugs* thank you, mzdivine!

Thank you, TRW!.....I don't need that!<br />
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<br />
I do my best on E P....as you!.<br />
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<br />
Have a good day....Mine can't get any worse!

Just ignore the moralistic dolts here. God is disappointed that morons stand proud in his name.<br />
One Love!