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Chronicles Of A Child Criminal

As many of you know, I have been trying to get published for several months.  I tried all the self-publishers first, and they all want me to pay them.  If you have a good story you should not have to pay anyone!

My Lori was thinking about Ms. Rowling when we saw the "JK Rowling Story" on TV.  She asked me, "Why can't you do that?"  After several minutes of hem-hawing over how we do not live in the UK, and how the publishing companies over there won't accept anything from me, in the exact (not 100% exactly) center of the USA...  I said something that brought on an inspiration.  The turning point of my pursuit for fame...

We have our own publishing houses in the US.

That was it.  After several months of trying to find the best deal on "self-publishers", I decided to change the search parameters on google to look for "traditional publishers", and that was all it took!

I was able to find publishing houses that will accept a manuscript free of charge - I even sent it as an attachment in the e-mail (no postage cost for shipping...).  They all came with disclaimers of how they reject the majority of the submissions they receive, and how it could take as long as 6 weeks before someone would be able to review it...  All the stuff that you would expect when you take into consideration that all sorts of stories are submitted, some for pre-school education, and some that seem to have been written by the pre-schoolers themselves.

At the time Random House actually had a posting that they do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, and so did a few others - that definitely would have saved time, effort, and money if I were to just start mailing it out like Ms. Rowling did.  However, I found PublishAmerica.  They are a traditional publisher who started publishing print on demand books for online orders in the late 90's.  They have been soliciting to Barnes and Noble Booksellers for a while now, and they have not had any complaints since 2005 - at least nothing that was reported.  And the last complaint looked like it was more the author's fault for trying to jump the gun on marketing.  He complained that he spent thousands in marketing and the book was not available on his time schedule.  There was more, but that was pretty much the gist of it.

When I saw they had a link to submit my manuscript through the e-mail, I jumped on it.  I was planning to continue diligently searching for other publishers, but the very next day I received an e-mail saying that my manuscript had been accepted!  The next day was spent reviewing a sample contract thayt was negotiable - I was just to excited to even consider negotiations - I loved their terms!  I get an increasing percentage of the publisher's selling price (not the bookstore mark-up, that is 100% bookstore business, not mine) until 5,000 books have sold, then I get 50% of everything else.

Five thousand isn't that much.  There are at least 5,000 people in my neighborhood!  Of course, not everybody is from one of the 5 largest cities in the country, but that makes it relative to the number of people here, 5,000 isn't very many books at all.  Also, I have had to delete some of my stories, the ones that have sections of the book verbatim, and I noticed that some of my stories have been viewed more than 2,000 times - and that is only here on EP! So I had no problem with the terms.

Yesterday, October 19, 2011 at 1300 hrs mountain time, my book was finalized and sent to the printers!  They say it should be available in appx 8 weeks, and I should have my "Author's Copy" within the next few days - possibly Monday or Tuesday.  The book will be available through and at Barnes and Noble Booksellers and online retailers.  It is in my contract to attend book signings and other promotional or marketing venues.  So I may be coming to your town soon!

I can't wait to meet all of my friends in person!  Oh, and today is my brother's birthday!  Happy Birthday Hound Dog!

MichaelDuMaine MichaelDuMaine 36-40, M 1 Response Oct 20, 2011

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