I Didn't Know Her Well, She Invited Me To A Party That Was Hell

she was 26 and I was 27 she just ran up behind me for no reason and punched me in the spine in the back with her fist.

I did nothing to her at all to make her attack me.   her name was katy robinson... she also tried to run me over and she sexually assaulted me as well.

she rubbed her gentiles up against me with her boyfriend on a dance floor and I did not like it.

she was a drugged out mental girl.  who went on to abuse me even further... the girl had a real mental problem.
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You didn't defend yourself?

she also told me that she was my evil twin and she needed to get into my head. It felt creepy and sick to be honest, I think the girl had a big mental disorder. her and rick wanted me to get into a ********* and he sold these knives for a company called Cut Co. I seen katy push a guy against the wall and put a knife to his neck... I was always afraid she would do that to me... I know they were on drugs and into violent group sex on video. It was not my scene.<br />
<br />
It was a genuine Mad Hatters Drug and Alcohol Party that I just want to forget ever happened.