Lesbian Rape

I often went out with several girls from work, 2 of whom I knew were lesbians. We were very friendly, but they knew I was straight. One night we went out & late in the evening the only ones left were me & my 2 lesbian friends. they bought me several more drinks & I started to get quite ill. eventually I was extremely sick & managed to go home. (On reflection, & because of what happened later, I think they may have spiked my drinks).

Several weeks later they invited me to a "girls night in" at their place, -- a home they shared with another lesbian friend. When I arrived I was the only other person there besides the 3 of them. we talked, shared a lot of drinks, & had laughs well into the evening. I had drunk a lot of wine & started to get very relaxed and sleepy, (wine sometimes has this effect on me, but not to this extent). eventually the talk got around to sex, & I was asked if I had ever had another girl. I told them that I hadn't, & they said I should try it. I thought they were joking, but eventually, after a lot of persuasion, they talked me into letting one of them lick my *****. -- It must have been the wine, as I would never usually let soemthing like that happen. Anyway, I lay down on the lounge & one of them slid her hands under my short skirt & slipped my lace panties down over my thighs. She took them off of me then pushed my skirt up to my waist. they all commented that I had a very nice *****, then she leant down and began kissing my ****, gently pushing my legs apart & slipping her tongue into my slit. despite myself, I began to get very wet. Eventually I had an ******, -- the first with a woman! then the other 2 also took tuns eating me, during which time I had several more ******* & they removed both their own clothes & all of mine.

after a while one of them said it was now my turn to pleasure them. I said I didn't want to, & that's when the mood changed! -- two of them dragged me onto the floor on my back & held me down while the other sat on my face & ground her ***** hard against my mouth. I struggled but they were too strong & too determined. they each took turns on my face, the others holding me down all the while, then one of them let go of me & moved away. I couldn't see what she was doing, but suddenly I felt my legs being forced apart & raised up. then she was between my thighs & I felt something being pushed into my vagina. -- to my horror, she was wearing a "strap on" *****. (quite a big one), & she was ******* me! I tried to struggle even more, but my arms were still pinned to the floor & one of the ******* was still riding my face. they kept telling me to relax & enjoy it, but the more they raped me, the more I struggled. eventually I passed out, & when I came to sometime later, I was alone on the floor, naked. they had gone to bed. crying & shaking I gathered up my clothes & left to go home, arriving about 3 in the morning. my husband could see something was wrong, but I refused to tell him. I never went out with my "friends" again. that was 15 years ago & to this day I can't bring myself to tell my husband or anyone else about it. sometimes I feel it was entirely my fault for leading them on. am I right? did I really deserve what they did to me?
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Let me first say the rape part was your fault but honestly you did kind of lead them on. First you let them eat you out and they thought that you would return the favor when you objected to it. Some people would of gotten angry and just asked you to leave. Those women instead decided to take actions into their own hands because they were angry. Someone said lighten up on the alcohol I agree. If some other woman asks to eat you out and your drunk try your hardest to say no. Remember not all but some lesbians are just dickless men. What I mean is that they are just like men in the fact that they can be very persuasive, your story proves my point. I just hope you never have to go through that experience again.

the rape part wasn't your fault*

sorry for the mix up

I am so sorry to hear about this. I am a lesbian and what they did to you was not right. Not every lesbian is like those 3 girls. This is not your fault, you did not ask to be raped. No means no. It doesn't matter how loud you say it. You struggling to try and get free is enough for them to know better. Also not to mention you told them you did not want to perform sexual acts on them. Unfortantley, I too was raped, but by my sisters now ex fiancƩ. There is no right way to respond when you are being raped. There are many support groups out there for people like you and I. Also it is never too late to report being raped. I wish you the best. Please never blame or feel ashamed of yourself. You are one strong lady.

noone deserves to be raped

not you did"t

So sorry

I **** over this lots u *****

You deserved it. You can't receive something like that and expect to give nothing to them. U **** if we ever met I would get my friends and we would get u drunk take u then make u eat our ****** then leave u their then **** u when your sober then let u go.


You're an *** no one deserves to be raped and have to deal with that

No means no

That is HORRIBLE. I am so sorry.

My dad was a cop! And his way of thinking was simple! The moment you say no and object its rape!
That means you can become a fool on drink but as soon as its no its NO! To ride and penetrate you! Is completely wrong!
However, I think it would be good if you can finally tell your husband!

Now on the good side of this event, I think you are now a much stronger person! I hope you are well?

Reread it and figure out age years and ......

I initially replied to this story as I myself was raped (through blackmail and bullying) when I was 13.
Since some of the comments regarding this story, I cannot decide whether the story is true or false.
One thing is for sure. If you have been raped you know about it and do not talk about it.
You remember it for ever.
I have never admitted my experience until three years ago on E.P
I have kept all that emotion and self degredation inside me and said nothing for 56 years.
It was something that happened to me and whether I put myself in harms way or not should not have happened.
Rape is Rape!

My heart sank at first for her but as I reread it the ages dates don't add up.
I'm glad you have found comfort on Ep. My situation was different.

Email any time you want to exchange chat

Me ??

I've been raped. At first I didn't want to talk about it but less than 24 hours I told my many people. My family, friend, nurses and police detectives. Being raped doesn't silence you. Everyone is different. At first I was scared then I thought how he could do his to other women. So, I reported the rape. Now I'm seeking help from a victims advocate and I have a counseling. Not every rape victim will act the same. It's a traumatic experience. In fact I went through shock when I was raped. I didn't fight back I just kept repeating "this isn't right"I felt embarrassed and degraded. I felt like I was frozen. Everyone responds differently.

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You deserved none of that treatment. What they did was illegal.

No need to worry deleted was not raped because she is actually a MAN who for some reason likes to make everybody believe he is a lesbian

You were 100% at fault. Typical. Cry wolf when it suits you. You obviously liked it. You're just as disgusting, if not more! "Short skirt?" Hmm.. You obviously knew what you were doing.

And by the way, I'm straight, so I'm not being biased.

And you def. cheated on your husband and do not deserve him, or anyone else for that matter.

Wow. So because she wore a skirt, she deserved to be raped. If you aren't a troll, you have some serious issues.

A short skirt is not an invite to be raped you are a sick individual who is in dire need of of professional help

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To start off,the years do not add up,,,,but if this is true,which a doubt,,,you went to a lesbian party,you knew what was going to happen and what it was about,,,you took off your own clothes,had a great night with these girls,to much drink,plenty of Lesbian sex,,now you feel guilty,,so you came up with this story to justify yourself,maybe to these girls,and to yourself,plus if you are married,,to justify cheating on your husband,,get over your bullshite,,you had great fun,leave it at that,stop lying,,

You need to go back to middle school and learn how to write. You lack basic skills of writing, so of course you would be stupid enough to write a comment that she asked for this to happen to her. Who are you? People get raped by their own spouses. Yes she drank, but that does not mean she gave consent to them to hold her down and do those things to her. I think you enjoy putting people down because you probably were bullied at school. Obviously you lack basic education, so we can't really ask much more from you.

The original account was hacked by someone

I was originally talking to this person and she had to make another account due to it so yeah........

Lol u work for the government?? sorry can't believe that myself

lol congrats??

Thank you I noticed the same thing man

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15 years ago , you where 15 or younger. you where married that young? working and drink at that age??where are you from? It was wrong for then to do that. If you cant get over it then counsler .

Yea it dosnt add up,age,years

True right

Its not your fault tell yourhudband he deserves to know the longer you hide ot the harder to tell

I stopped reading the responses after a few. Hunny..... notice men's answers vs women's answers. NO you didn't deserve that. It wasn't your "fault". No means no... Don't blame yourself. I sure hope you never associated with those "ladies" again though.

Im a way yes & no....You let them and then didn't want to be a part of it anymore.....stop means stop but then again....



Yes, you did deserve it. You should have known better than get into that kind of situation.

Are you kidding me? What kind of a dumb **** are you? Consenting to one particular act in no way implies consent for further acts. If it did, where does the consent end? The next day? Week?

I am so tired of women playing games and then crying foul and saying they are the victim when things don't go exactly the way they planned. If she was not interested in continuing onto the most likely of conclusions, that is lesbian sex, she should never have lead the others on in the first place. By allowing herself to be put into that position she was creating a situation that was ripe for exactly what happened. This is no different than a situation my friend was in a few days ago. While having sex the woman he was with reached climax and had an ******. Almost immediately after she said she was done and wanted him to get off her. How is this even close to being right? They had engaged in consensual acts that both of them wanted and found pleasurable and had he finished first and just stopped there would have been no end to the bitching that took place or the accusations that men don't know how to please women. Knowing this he just held on and finished himself, dealing with her bitching that she had said she was done. This in my opinion is not rape. She was ready, willing and eager as long as she got what she wanted but as soon as that happened, it was game over. Well, too bad for her it wasn't. Perhaps next time she will think twice before trying to use people to satisfy her own bodily needs, much like a real rapist does. Maybes it time you feminist dykes got down off your high horse and lived in the real world.

Regardless of anything else that may have happened beforehand, no means no. Period. You have no way of knowing her plans or motives. For some people, upon reaching ******, their genitals become overly sensitive and sometimes even painful. She may have been perfectly willing to go down on him or give him a ******* to finish him off. Or she may have just needed a rest to cool down before letting him continue. This should not be a problem for him since the result would most likely be an even stronger ******. And don't bother coming back with more about what he says she did or said. His description of the event, and even his own memory of the event, will be clouded by his reactions. The only way to discuss this rationally is with the woman's side of the story included.

Ah-little scared boy.

Nope. You said no. Abuse of his authority doesn't change the fact that he raped you. And I'm sorry you (or anyone else) had to experience that.

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No. They should be ashamed. So called friends, I don't think so.

U should report this to police as no means no , but on other hand u did let them all eat u out so it is a 59/50 case

That is an awful story.. The end of it anyway... No one asks to be raped! They should have stop at ur request alone, if not the fighting ... But 15 yrs, ?? Maybe you should talk to a counselor?

Many straights, male and female, feel that receiving oral from the same gender is not gay but returning the favor is an act of volition and would make them gay! I wouldn't say you deserved the treatment you got but you did make some choices to go there knowing their preferences.

I'm bisexual. That doesn't mean I'm gonna try and have sex with a non- consenting straight female or gay male simply because I "swing both ways" as they say. You shouldn't have to fear your friend because they're not the same sexual orientation. The very idea is ridiculous.

You didn't deserve that at all. Not even a little bit.


I'm deeply sorry this happened to you but one thing is for sure none of this is your fault, you didn't ask to be raped and be take advantage. Alcohol, is not an excuse for the horror they inflict to you.

I'm sorry to hear that and no its not your fault because they wanted to eat u u didn't force them and plus u told them no

It seams weard but did u like girls alittle afterwerd

Terrible question AND don't you have spell check?

that is one hell of an experience

You should tell your husband. It would make him hard and cornhole you.

you are an idiot

sorry to hear that

Well, afterall...they DID pleasure you & made you climax several times so Im sure they just expected the same in return. Sounds like fun to me but Im sorry it was a bad experience for you.

Seriously? They can expect all they want, but that never gives them the right to force themselves on her. They could try a little "we scratched your back, why won't you scratch ours," but if she continues to say no, then the answer is NO! There is NEVER any excuse for force unless it's consensual, which this clearly wasn't.

A breathtaking experience you described. You certainly did not deserve to suffer any sexual act with the lesbians that you did not consent to. When you were asked to pleasure the girls and you said you didn't want to, that is where the sexual activities should have ceased. What ensued would undoubtedly be deemed rape in the context given that you persistently struggled in an attempt to stop their invasion of your body. Moreover i don't think you led them on they just took advantage of your vulnerability knowing you were outnumbered and essentially helpless and at their disposal. If you feel you are suffering a psychological sequelae from this incident then you may need to seek some professional counseling. Insofar as telling your husband is concerned i would be inclined to be a little guarded about doing that considering you have kept this secret for 15 years and it may cause more trouble than it is worth. However, i would leave that to your better judgement. The fact you haven't told him in 15 years is indicative that you are somewhat loath to do so.

Thank you for sharing your amazing story. Hope all is well with you these days.

I feel bad this happened to you. They are a bunch of *******, who had no life and. Will burn in hell.

This account sounds very much like a story made up by a guy fantasizing about this.


Funny the only people who liked this are you and your alternative account

We never ever 'deserve' anything, but sometimes we set ourselves up.... Been there.

I'm so sorry I wasn't here to talk to you

It's likely too late to file charges, unfortunately. Telling your husband might be a good thing.... or it might be a disappointing thing.... you should trust your own judgement in the matter.
I'm sorry to hear that this has been done to you - you should not blame yourself and should not allow any sence of shame to creep in - this was done *to* you so don't allow it to do any further harm to you or your relationships.
You should re-examine your perceptions of your ex-friends... They weren't worthy of your trust. Don't lose your ability to trust people but, also see if your trust can be better protected in the future. This is where your husband may be of help.... did he have any doubts in your "friends" ?

No one EVER deserves such a thing. I do think you should tell your husband. He deserves to know and you deserve the comfort and closure you'll get from telling him.

No no one deserves to be treated that way even after you let them play with you and you enjoyed it to some extend it being something new etc. You told them from the start that you were not into that kind of relationships they suggested you try and you did but Still NO is No it was Not your fault and you did not deserve that.

<p>They must not forced you to do that. It's good for you to stay away from them. You were appreciated them as friends and they should appreciate you as heterosexual. <br />
If I were in that kind situation I would break the glass or botol to put in her vagina.

Homosexuality has nothing to do with biology. It might be influence from other people or it just feels better (has no idea). But they are by no means a different race/kind, they are still human, homosexuality is not a mutation. People can do what they want with themselves, they don't have to listen to anybody (unless it is law) and homosexual people might actually lower the high birthrate which is flooding the world with babies. Leaving them alone would be killing two birds with a stone.

You know, I get tired of humanity. So much greed, spitefullness, and rudeness from people that I don't even really pay attention to them anymore. More than anything, I'm a loner for many reasons and I do not like being around other people. One of those reasons are that people like to take advantage of other people. I'm a sweet person, but when someone ***** with me, their ******* done. When I read your story, one of the things I realized was that you were friends with lesbians. Okay, I get it, I'm a hater in homosexuality. I'm not comfortable around women that are too close to others. So if you guys hate me for this, that's fine. I don't like being around people that are gay. Either I emit the vibe or whatever, I just don't like them. I love to watch them make out, but I will never engage. Lesbians and gay men don't know how to keep their space. I don't care what they do behind doors, they need to learn to keep their ******* hands to themselves. They also think that straight people are at the wrong when straight people gave birth to them. They may think they can take advantage of taken women, but they will eventually die out since they are biologically incorrect. What am I to say? Love is love, love can never judged nor be a certain way on how society wants it to be. All I have to say is that, remember, those girls will die without laying eggs. If I were you, I would tell your husband and hunt their ***** down and get some revenge. Although revenge isn't everything, at this point, if I were you, I would rip their ******* heads off and make them lick their own ******* with decapitated heads. Good luck and don't ever let your guard down around people in general.

I was raped by my husband

Hi Bushew. Violence is criminal, sick and wrong regardless of the gender or relationship to the perpetrator. Date rape and sexual abuse in the family are hardest to cope with because of the high level of betrayal involved, and as you probably already know, are very difficult to prove. Justice is in short supply for those suffering the negative effects of sexual violence. The author of this story (Lesbian Rape) has a deleted profile but may still be among us with a different profile and may even be reading this. I don\'t know so my reply is to you Bushew. The few women I know personally who have been sexually assaulted talk about it with extreme difficulty. No doubt there are many others who find it easier to never talk about it at all. The few that somehow managed to find the personal resources and ability to open up to me about it (as friends) are the ones who found the courage to seek expert help of the most appropriate kind for them to survive and recover. My feeling is that anonymous support groups have proven to be among the most successful forms of help available.

Bushew - are you okay now?

I have heard of so-called "spiritual people" committing acts like this in order to teach forgiveness. This person is still very rageful over this and it is impossible for this person to claim herself a "lightworker" when she harbors anger and revenge towards others. If she comes back to read this I suggest that this person get therapy to deal with this issue

You didn't deserve it at all. None of this is your fault. They were the ones who decided to do that to you. They were the ones who made that choice.
It seems to me that they were the ones who led you on. They got you drunk, and then they took advantage of you. You could not possibly have done anything to deserve something like that.

No one deserves to be raped. The word "No!" should be respected at any time.

This sickens. That women can do it on women too. I hope you will be able get to terms. The scars will remain that is for sure

You sometimes have wonder if we are human (humane) after all.

Still, Don't worry, it's over now. I suggest you find some new friends, relax and try to forget about it! I hope you are happier soon!

Poor you, I can't believe they did that to you! I'm a bi and lesbian raping is wrong!! They had no right to do that.. under any circumstances! There unreliable and despiable! Hug? (^-^c)

You should have said something. It wasn't right of them to do such a thing to you.

No you didn't

Because NOBODY deserves to be raped, EVER! It doesn't matter what she was wearing, what she said, or what she did. Once she said NO, that's the end of consent.

It is NEVER right to force someone into a sex act. You did allow, for whatever reason, them to perform oral sex on you but didn't feel comfortable with reciprocating so the "party" should have stopped there!

As you have said in this story, it would appear leading them on may be right yet not entirely the case. as you say you were wearing a short skirt, this would have implied that you wanted to get something from them, also, seeing as the drinks DID play a major factor in the event's of the night in question, you willingly, or otherwise, allowed the woman to, as you say, "Eat you out". So it is safe to say you led them on slightly, but not so much to were you deserved to have been harmed the way you were.

BULLSHIT! It doesn't matter what she was wearing, what she said, or what she did. Wearing a short skirt doesn't imply anything, regardless of what others may infer. Once she said NO, that's the end of consent.

Leading them on? That's utterly ridiculous. When drunk, one may make inebriated choice to experiment sexually- there's nothing wrong with that, i'm certain that most people have made a poor sexual choice when intoxicated once in their lives. But that's alcohol. If they'd drugged the wine to make you more pliable, and then spend some time convincing you to try out sexual intercourse in a way that went against your sexual preferences, then you weren't leading them on. Quite the opposite- they led you on, to the point where you could be used for their enjoyment. None of it is your fault, just as it is not the prey's fault the predator hunts it. you don't have to let it go, but don't put blame on yourself for what was done to you.

Knowing these friends were lesbians and already having had that first bad experience with them, I'm thinking that by going to their "girls night out" party you were some how or other thinking female on female sex. It certainly sounds as if it was rougher than you either expected or wanted though.

Your friends took advantage of you. Don't blame yourself. Nobody deserves to be treated like that. Even though your profile is deleted there is still a chance you may be reading this. It is very important you talk to someone (a more trustworthy friend this time) about your experience even if you choose not to go to the police. Your story may help someone else avoid a similar situation and telling it may help you to avoid unnecessary risks in the future. I do not know many people who have never made a silly mistake in life. That does not mean that they deserve to be abused for it. It is possible you will come through this and find the friendship and acceptance that you really deserve. Good luck.

No one deserves to be treated like that NO MATTER WHAT!

It was and never will be your fault they should have left you alone when you said you weren't a lesbian. So don't blame yourself k

Wow, what an incredibly difficult and sensitive subject for you to turn into a pornographic story. Pretty immature man.

MMMMMMMMM HOT! made me so wet!

It's unlikely that your friends spiked your drinks. What's more likely is simply that you consumed far more alcohol than you had realised. Alcohol is a very potent drug. It doesn't need to be supplemented with anything else to do its work. Those who consume too much alcohol, but are unwilling to confront that they have a drinking problem, will often look for an extraneous factor, such as the so-called date rape drugs, to take away responsibility from their own conduct.

If you believed that you had been raped by your friends then you had a duty to present yourself at the local police station the next morning and to make a formal complaint against your alleged rapists that you were willing to see through to a criminal prosecution.

If your story is true, even now it is not too late to go to the police, but clearly there is very little chance of a successful prosecution at this stage because any scratches, bruising or signs of assault will long be gone.

Statue of limitations run out after 5 yrs on rape.

That sucks that you were treated like that when all you wanted is to have fun and relax with the girls.

This story is pure BS.


It's more like a lesbian erotica book.

****!!! Thats screwed up, I mean i'm bisexual and i've been with girls but I always made sure they wanted to do it and i've never forced someone into something they didn't want to do. You should tell your husband because it's not exactly your fault, if they got lead on and decide to do that then thats there doing not your's besides they knew you were straight, i've had girls come up to me and go what's it like being with a woman and i've told and they'll go can i try it and i said tell me any time you don't want to continue but what they did is just ******* messed up.

yes you deserved it.

She deserved that and more for CHEATING ON HER HUSBAND! All you sympathetic women seem to ignore the fact that she's married (supposedly) and her husband is waiting for her at home while she's out drinking and having ******* with other people. Imagine the outrage if the genders were reversed! Double standard, ladies. Admit the truth of her duplicity.

Tell your husband and maybe he can get his friends and return "the favor" to those *******. That would be what they deserve getting a hard **** in their ***** and ***. Tell your husband and please report back with what happens

Why would you not tell your husband? That ought to be the first person you go to and talk or ask for help. Women seam to think they know how the husband is going to react. But they are usually wrong. Something similar happened to my wife in our first years of marriage, she finally told me part of it 4 yrs later. I was more pissed off at her for not being trusting/truthful & dishonest. Each year we had less sex until it became total sexless and then divorce. Why do women tell everybody else their inner feelings and thoughts and not their husbands.

No you didn't it was wrong of them to not respect your wishes

They 'should have' respected your wishes, for the moment, and tried seducing you & letting you experience Several More ******* until you finally "WANTED" to pursue experiencing 'Sex with Women'. Without being Forced, you might have been curious enough, to 'Wanting More' Pleasures that only other women can provide. Maybe??

You were raped and not due to your own doing. Don't look to yourself for fault or guilt. Think of the others who possibly gave you a "Micky", took advantage of liquor, worked as a group, pleasures you first to obligate you, did not stop when you said to and probably preplanned this. You were the victim.

Well - I don't think bad dancer is on track... It's dancer's opinion... yes... But not the point of the story. Now foronenightonly has a more reasonable response. I can agree with; as does Allyssa123... Put yourself in a bad spot perhaps, being there for round "two". sd

I feel bad for you. Take your time to heal!

No means no. Doesn't matter sexual preference. Your body was violated and trust broken. Hope you continue to talk and heal.

no, they took total advantage of you by making sure they got you intoxicated.

Yes because u are married.

You were not to blame. But you were lucky that they did not fist **** you. If you tell your husband be prepared for a sex session with him because this is a hot story.

Simple no! When you say stop and they do not its rape! So it's not your fault. Yes you had concentual sex with your mouth but it went past what you where willing to do!
If you still have bad dreams now and it stops you from function as a person see a doctor and then a counceler.
I hope you well!

no, you were misled, can happen to everyone, men too, .. let it be a lesson for all hetero's...

No of cour e not ..

Nah hun this wasnt your fault buh i do feel like if you had doubts with the first incident then you shouldn't had been hanging with them alone like that but i been threw some things in my life where i didnt follow my first mind and let stuff slide and Digg a bigger hole for myself but no they knew what they was doing trying to get you tipsy/drunk and they took advantage of you no means no remember this R.E.A.L....REMEMBER.EVERYBODY.AINT.LOYAL

I hate to burst everyone's sympathetic bubbles, but if this had really happened to "her", if it wasn't just some twisted fantasy, then why does "she" make a point of describing her lace panties and short skirt? Those supposed details serve only one purpose, and that, my friends, is titillation.

I hope u know this wasnt your fault

This is awful I hope the poster can move on from this and heal :(

While I was reading this I had an ******. Thank you whoever you are, this was very hot!

Are u retarded this site is not here for your pleasure its here so that people can have some way to confide in someone who has been in pain. Seriously think before you post you dumb bastard

I am so sorry this happened to you. I can't believe a woman could do this to another. I hope you find a way to heal.

some of you are really pathetic, you could really enjoy this story of hers? I mean, she must have trauma of this and we should have been supportive to her. By all means, give advices or anything helps. Okay, OP, let me just say that you have to let things go because it already happened, and idk what's with lesbian rape, they could have done with each other why pick you? .. I hope you get passed the fact that you've been lesbian raped 15 years ago. Be happy with your husband, tell him the truth so that we guys can exchange thoughts about it, if he's a good husband, he'll support you and might give you the strength back. take care

Very sexy. Thank you for this story.