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Lesbian Rape

I often went out with several girls from work, 2 of whom I knew were lesbians. We were very friendly, but they knew I was straight. One night we went out & late in the evening the only ones left were me & my 2 lesbian friends. they bought me several more drinks & I started to get quite ill. eventually I was extremely sick & managed to go home. (On reflection, & because of what happened later, I think they may have spiked my drinks).

Several weeks later they invited me to a "girls night in" at their place, -- a home they shared with another lesbian friend. When I arrived I was the only other person there besides the 3 of them. we talked, shared a lot of drinks, & had laughs well into the evening. I had drunk a lot of wine & started to get very relaxed and sleepy, (wine sometimes has this effect on me, but not to this extent). eventually the talk got around to sex, & I was asked if I had ever had another girl. I told them that I hadn't, & they said I should try it. I thought they were joking, but eventually, after a lot of persuasion, they talked me into letting one of them lick my *****. -- It must have been the wine, as I would never usually let soemthing like that happen. Anyway, I lay down on the lounge & one of them slid her hands under my short skirt & slipped my lace panties down over my thighs. She took them off of me then pushed my skirt up to my waist. they all commented that I had a very nice *****, then she leant down and began kissing my ****, gently pushing my legs apart & slipping her tongue into my slit. despite myself, I began to get very wet. Eventually I had an ******, -- the first with a woman! then the other 2 also took tuns eating me, during which time I had several more ******* & they removed both their own clothes & all of mine.

after a while one of them said it was now my turn to pleasure them. I said I didn't want to, & that's when the mood changed! -- two of them dragged me onto the floor on my back & held me down while the other sat on my face & ground her ***** hard against my mouth. I struggled but they were too strong & too determined. they each took turns on my face, the others holding me down all the while, then one of them let go of me & moved away. I couldn't see what she was doing, but suddenly I felt my legs being forced apart & raised up. then she was between my thighs & I felt something being pushed into my vagina. -- to my horror, she was wearing a "strap on" *****. (quite a big one), & she was ******* me! I tried to struggle even more, but my arms were still pinned to the floor & one of the ******* was still riding my face. they kept telling me to relax & enjoy it, but the more they raped me, the more I struggled. eventually I passed out, & when I came to sometime later, I was alone on the floor, naked. they had gone to bed. crying & shaking I gathered up my clothes & left to go home, arriving about 3 in the morning. my husband could see something was wrong, but I refused to tell him. I never went out with my "friends" again. that was 15 years ago & to this day I can't bring myself to tell my husband or anyone else about it. sometimes I feel it was entirely my fault for leading them on. am I right? did I really deserve what they did to me?
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You deserved it. You can't receive something like that and expect to give nothing to them. U **** if we ever met I would get my friends and we would get u drunk take u then make u eat our ****** then leave u their then **** u when your sober then let u go.

No means no

That is HORRIBLE. I am so sorry.

No it's not your fault and you didn't deserve it. But maybe you should lighten up on the booze :))

Rape is nonconsensual by definition. You didn't deserve what they did to you. You were right to not report it to your husband -normally l would tell you to report it to the police but the circumstances were such that you would have been subjected to ridicule. It was a long time ago, but I am sure you still are bothered by it. You have my sincere sympathy, but telling your husband could have made it worse; he could have assaulted those criminals and had charges brought against him.

My dad was a cop! And his way of thinking was simple! The moment you say no and object its rape!
That means you can become a fool on drink but as soon as its no its NO! To ride and penetrate you! Is completely wrong!
However, I think it would be good if you can finally tell your husband!

Now on the good side of this event, I think you are now a much stronger person! I hope you are well?

Reread it and figure out age years and ......

I initially replied to this story as I myself was raped (through blackmail and bullying) when I was 13.
Since some of the comments regarding this story, I cannot decide whether the story is true or false.
One thing is for sure. If you have been raped you know about it and do not talk about it.
You remember it for ever.
I have never admitted my experience until three years ago on E.P
I have kept all that emotion and self degredation inside me and said nothing for 56 years.
It was something that happened to me and whether I put myself in harms way or not should not have happened.
Rape is Rape!

My heart sank at first for her but as I reread it the ages dates don't add up.
I'm glad you have found comfort on Ep. My situation was different.

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Me ??

I agree Hazeleyes71

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You deserved none of that treatment. What they did was illegal.

No need to worry deleted was not raped because she is actually a MAN who for some reason likes to make everybody believe he is a lesbian

Yes it is a wonder .. but some kind of self deception too. You are pretty smart. Took me a while to figure that out.. I thought for a while it might be one of those husband and wife teams with one avatar/user name.

You were 100% at fault. Typical. Cry wolf when it suits you. You obviously liked it. You're just as disgusting, if not more! "Short skirt?" Hmm.. You obviously knew what you were doing.

And by the way, I'm straight, so I'm not being biased.

And you def. cheated on your husband and do not deserve him, or anyone else for that matter.

Wow. So because she wore a skirt, she deserved to be raped. If you aren't a troll, you have some serious issues.

To start off,the years do not add up,,,,but if this is true,which a doubt,,,you went to a lesbian party,you knew what was going to happen and what it was about,,,you took off your own clothes,had a great night with these girls,to much drink,plenty of Lesbian sex,,now you feel guilty,,so you came up with this story to justify yourself,maybe to these girls,and to yourself,plus if you are married,,to justify cheating on your husband,,get over your bullshite,,you had great fun,leave it at that,stop lying,,

The original account was hacked by someone

I was originally talking to this person and she had to make another account due to it so yeah........

Lol u work for the government?? sorry can't believe that myself

lol congrats??

Thank you I noticed the same thing man

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Of course it's fake, we all know that women would never engage in this type of lascivious activity...

15 years ago , you where 15 or younger. you where married that young? working and drink at that age??where are you from? It was wrong for then to do that. If you cant get over it then counsler .

Yea it dosnt add up,age,years

True right

Predatory females are so friggin hot!

I agree wish i was rape by a womans


Wat a stupid thing to wish for lol

Its not your fault tell yourhudband he deserves to know the longer you hide ot the harder to tell

no means no you have a right to feel and be safe ,,, you did say friends ? they were not your friends

I stopped reading the responses after a few. Hunny..... notice men's answers vs women's answers. NO you didn't deserve that. It wasn't your "fault". No means no... Don't blame yourself. I sure hope you never associated with those "ladies" again though.

Im a way yes & no....You let them and then didn't want to be a part of it anymore.....stop means stop but then again....



Yes, you did deserve it. You should have known better than get into that kind of situation.

Are you kidding me? What kind of a dumb **** are you? Consenting to one particular act in no way implies consent for further acts. If it did, where does the consent end? The next day? Week?

I am so tired of women playing games and then crying foul and saying they are the victim when things don't go exactly the way they planned. If she was not interested in continuing onto the most likely of conclusions, that is lesbian sex, she should never have lead the others on in the first place. By allowing herself to be put into that position she was creating a situation that was ripe for exactly what happened. This is no different than a situation my friend was in a few days ago. While having sex the woman he was with reached climax and had an ******. Almost immediately after she said she was done and wanted him to get off her. How is this even close to being right? They had engaged in consensual acts that both of them wanted and found pleasurable and had he finished first and just stopped there would have been no end to the bitching that took place or the accusations that men don't know how to please women. Knowing this he just held on and finished himself, dealing with her bitching that she had said she was done. This in my opinion is not rape. She was ready, willing and eager as long as she got what she wanted but as soon as that happened, it was game over. Well, too bad for her it wasn't. Perhaps next time she will think twice before trying to use people to satisfy her own bodily needs, much like a real rapist does. Maybes it time you feminist dykes got down off your high horse and lived in the real world.

Regardless of anything else that may have happened beforehand, no means no. Period. You have no way of knowing her plans or motives. For some people, upon reaching ******, their genitals become overly sensitive and sometimes even painful. She may have been perfectly willing to go down on him or give him a ******* to finish him off. Or she may have just needed a rest to cool down before letting him continue. This should not be a problem for him since the result would most likely be an even stronger ******. And don't bother coming back with more about what he says she did or said. His description of the event, and even his own memory of the event, will be clouded by his reactions. The only way to discuss this rationally is with the woman's side of the story included.

Ah-little scared boy.

Nope. You said no. Abuse of his authority doesn't change the fact that he raped you. And I'm sorry you (or anyone else) had to experience that.

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No. They should be ashamed. So called friends, I don't think so.

U should report this to police as no means no , but on other hand u did let them all eat u out so it is a 59/50 case

That is an awful story.. The end of it anyway... No one asks to be raped! They should have stop at ur request alone, if not the fighting ... But 15 yrs, ?? Maybe you should talk to a counselor?

Many straights, male and female, feel that receiving oral from the same gender is not gay but returning the favor is an act of volition and would make them gay! I wouldn't say you deserved the treatment you got but you did make some choices to go there knowing their preferences.

I'm bisexual. That doesn't mean I'm gonna try and have sex with a non- consenting straight female or gay male simply because I "swing both ways" as they say. You shouldn't have to fear your friend because they're not the same sexual orientation. The very idea is ridiculous.

You didn't deserve that at all. Not even a little bit.


I'm deeply sorry this happened to you but one thing is for sure none of this is your fault, you didn't ask to be raped and be take advantage. Alcohol, is not an excuse for the horror they inflict to you.

I'm sorry to hear that and no its not your fault because they wanted to eat u u didn't force them and plus u told them no

It seams weard but did u like girls alittle afterwerd

Terrible question AND don't you have spell check?

that is one hell of an experience