Lesbian Rape

I often went out with several girls from work, 2 of whom I knew were lesbians. We were very friendly, but they knew I was straight. One night we went out & late in the evening the only ones left were me & my 2 lesbian friends. they bought me several more drinks & I started to get quite ill. eventually I was extremely sick & managed to go home. (On reflection, & because of what happened later, I think they may have spiked my drinks).

Several weeks later they invited me to a "girls night in" at their place, -- a home they shared with another lesbian friend. When I arrived I was the only other person there besides the 3 of them. we talked, shared a lot of drinks, & had laughs well into the evening. I had drunk a lot of wine & started to get very relaxed and sleepy, (wine sometimes has this effect on me, but not to this extent). eventually the talk got around to sex, & I was asked if I had ever had another girl. I told them that I hadn't, & they said I should try it. I thought they were joking, but eventually, after a lot of persuasion, they talked me into letting one of them lick my *****. -- It must have been the wine, as I would never usually let soemthing like that happen. Anyway, I lay down on the lounge & one of them slid her hands under my short skirt & slipped my lace panties down over my thighs. She took them off of me then pushed my skirt up to my waist. they all commented that I had a very nice *****, then she leant down and began kissing my ****, gently pushing my legs apart & slipping her tongue into my slit. despite myself, I began to get very wet. Eventually I had an ******, -- the first with a woman! then the other 2 also took tuns eating me, during which time I had several more ******* & they removed both their own clothes & all of mine.

after a while one of them said it was now my turn to pleasure them. I said I didn't want to, & that's when the mood changed! -- two of them dragged me onto the floor on my back & held me down while the other sat on my face & ground her ***** hard against my mouth. I struggled but they were too strong & too determined. they each took turns on my face, the others holding me down all the while, then one of them let go of me & moved away. I couldn't see what she was doing, but suddenly I felt my legs being forced apart & raised up. then she was between my thighs & I felt something being pushed into my vagina. -- to my horror, she was wearing a "strap on" *****. (quite a big one), & she was ******* me! I tried to struggle even more, but my arms were still pinned to the floor & one of the ******* was still riding my face. they kept telling me to relax & enjoy it, but the more they raped me, the more I struggled. eventually I passed out, & when I came to sometime later, I was alone on the floor, naked. they had gone to bed. crying & shaking I gathered up my clothes & left to go home, arriving about 3 in the morning. my husband could see something was wrong, but I refused to tell him. I never went out with my "friends" again. that was 15 years ago & to this day I can't bring myself to tell my husband or anyone else about it. sometimes I feel it was entirely my fault for leading them on. am I right? did I really deserve what they did to me?
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I'm deeply sorry this happened to you but one thing is for sure none of this is your fault, you didn't ask to be raped and be take advantage. Alcohol, is not an excuse for the horror they inflict to you.

I'm sorry to hear that and no its not your fault because they wanted to eat u u didn't force them and plus u told them no

It seams weard but did u like girls alittle afterwerd

that is one hell of an experience

Actually you have told someone else
A lot of someone else's now !


I was basically raped under threat when I was a kid by my own pears
You do not forget and you ask how it got that far in the first place

By PEARS?!?! The ****?!?

I think he meant peers. Not pears.

Sorry yes peers!

You should tell your husband. It would make him hard and cornhole you.

sorry to hear that

Well, afterall...they DID pleasure you & made you climax several times so Im sure they just expected the same in return. Sounds like fun to me but Im sorry it was a bad experience for you. got an interesting erotic profile up there....mind adding me? would love to connect......

Well you have just told EP
I was in a way raped by male friends amd it still stays with me until this day, but now I ask myself, although being straight all my life and a woman only man, Did I like it.
Somebody else is touching and manipulating your body your body automatically reacts.

That is bad. It was nice until they took turns to eat you. But the rest was bad

A breathtaking experience you described. You certainly did not deserve to suffer any sexual act with the lesbians that you did not consent to. When you were asked to pleasure the girls and you said you didn't want to, that is where the sexual activities should have ceased. What ensued would undoubtedly be deemed rape in the context given that you persistently struggled in an attempt to stop their invasion of your body. Moreover i don't think you led them on they just took advantage of your vulnerability knowing you were outnumbered and essentially helpless and at their disposal. If you feel you are suffering a psychological sequelae from this incident then you may need to seek some professional counseling. Insofar as telling your husband is concerned i would be inclined to be a little guarded about doing that considering you have kept this secret for 15 years and it may cause more trouble than it is worth. However, i would leave that to your better judgement. The fact you haven't told him in 15 years is indicative that you are somewhat loath to do so.

Thank you for sharing your amazing story. Hope all is well with you these days.

I feel bad this happened to you. They are a bunch of *******, who had no life and. Will burn in hell.

This account sounds very much like a story made up by a guy fantasizing about this.


Funny the only people who liked this are you and your alternative account

We never ever 'deserve' anything, but sometimes we set ourselves up.... Been there.

I'm so sorry I wasn't here to talk to you

It's likely too late to file charges, unfortunately. Telling your husband might be a good thing.... or it might be a disappointing thing.... you should trust your own judgement in the matter.
I'm sorry to hear that this has been done to you - you should not blame yourself and should not allow any sence of shame to creep in - this was done *to* you so don't allow it to do any further harm to you or your relationships.
You should re-examine your perceptions of your ex-friends... They weren't worthy of your trust. Don't lose your ability to trust people but, also see if your trust can be better protected in the future. This is where your husband may be of help.... did he have any doubts in your "friends" ?

No one EVER deserves such a thing. I do think you should tell your husband. He deserves to know and you deserve the comfort and closure you'll get from telling him.

No no one deserves to be treated that way even after you let them play with you and you enjoyed it to some extend it being something new etc. You told them from the start that you were not into that kind of relationships they suggested you try and you did but Still NO is No it was Not your fault and you did not deserve that.

They must not forced you to do that. It's good for you to stay away from them. You were appreciated them as friends and they should appreciate you as heterosexual.

If I were in that kind situation I would break the glass or botol to put in her vagina.

Homosexuality has nothing to do with biology. It might be influence from other people or it just feels better (has no idea). But they are by no means a different race/kind, they are still human, homosexuality is not a mutation. People can do what they want with themselves, they don't have to listen to anybody (unless it is law) and homosexual people might actually lower the high birthrate which is flooding the world with babies. Leaving them alone would be killing two birds with a stone.

You know, I get tired of humanity. So much greed, spitefullness, and rudeness from people that I don't even really pay attention to them anymore. More than anything, I'm a loner for many reasons and I do not like being around other people. One of those reasons are that people like to take advantage of other people. I'm a sweet person, but when someone ***** with me, their ******* done. When I read your story, one of the things I realized was that you were friends with lesbians. Okay, I get it, I'm a hater in homosexuality. I'm not comfortable around women that are too close to others. So if you guys hate me for this, that's fine. I don't like being around people that are gay. Either I emit the vibe or whatever, I just don't like them. I love to watch them make out, but I will never engage. Lesbians and gay men don't know how to keep their space. I don't care what they do behind doors, they need to learn to keep their ******* hands to themselves. They also think that straight people are at the wrong when straight people gave birth to them. They may think they can take advantage of taken women, but they will eventually die out since they are biologically incorrect. What am I to say? Love is love, love can never judged nor be a certain way on how society wants it to be. All I have to say is that, remember, those girls will die without laying eggs. If I were you, I would tell your husband and hunt their ***** down and get some revenge. Although revenge isn't everything, at this point, if I were you, I would rip their ******* heads off and make them lick their own ******* with decapitated heads. Good luck and don't ever let your guard down around people in general.

I was raped by my husband

Hi Bushew. Violence is criminal, sick and wrong regardless of the gender or relationship to the perpetrator. Date rape and sexual abuse in the family are hardest to cope with because of the high level of betrayal involved, and as you probably already know, are very difficult to prove. Justice is in short supply for those suffering the negative effects of sexual violence. The author of this story (Lesbian Rape) has a deleted profile but may still be among us with a different profile and may even be reading this. I don\'t know so my reply is to you Bushew. The few women I know personally who have been sexually assaulted talk about it with extreme difficulty. No doubt there are many others who find it easier to never talk about it at all. The few that somehow managed to find the personal resources and ability to open up to me about it (as friends) are the ones who found the courage to seek expert help of the most appropriate kind for them to survive and recover. My feeling is that anonymous support groups have proven to be among the most successful forms of help available.

Bushew - are you okay now?

I have heard of so-called "spiritual people" committing acts like this in order to teach forgiveness. This person is still very rageful over this and it is impossible for this person to claim herself a "lightworker" when she harbors anger and revenge towards others. If she comes back to read this I suggest that this person get therapy to deal with this issue

You didn't deserve it at all. None of this is your fault. They were the ones who decided to do that to you. They were the ones who made that choice.
It seems to me that they were the ones who led you on. They got you drunk, and then they took advantage of you. You could not possibly have done anything to deserve something like that.

No one deserves to be raped. The word "No!" should be respected at any time.

This sickens. That women can do it on women too. I hope you will be able get to terms. The scars will remain that is for sure

You sometimes have wonder if we are human (humane) after all.

Still, Don't worry, it's over now. I suggest you find some new friends, relax and try to forget about it! I hope you are happier soon!

Poor you, I can't believe they did that to you! I'm a bi and lesbian raping is wrong!! They had no right to do that.. under any circumstances! There unreliable and despiable! Hug? (^-^c)

You should have said something. It wasn't right of them to do such a thing to you.