Like You Wouldn't Believe

I have been trashed for being raped.

I have been trolled in confessions by people I considered aquaintances and/or friends

I even had a so-called friend go after someone I cared for deeply.  Together or not, no friend does that to another one.  It's selfishness.  It's catty and bitchy.  It was done behind my back for months.  She could have come to me, spoke with me.  Made sure it was cool.

He gained my trust here.  Gained more than that.  He abused it.  Took it for granted, and threw it away.  I was crushed the first time.  The second time I was Shattered.

ShatteredOne ShatteredOne
2 Responses Jul 24, 2010

*pulls out shotgun and shoots all who were mean* there ya go ^^

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I haven't Cpt. I promise.