Becomming A Reborn Mother.

I have had a rough life never having an ok month let alone a year. I had my son and was finding happiness untill due to medical reasons having another baby could kill me. I found reborns on youtube and started out with an Ashton drake doll. With having noone but my husband ,son, and bff I moves on to a real reborn and then a second with a 3rd on the way. I Can't get enough of them in my free time. They are so perfect ans help with my painful memories. My 1st was Evolyn at 6 pounds. The 2nd Evolet at 5 pounds and the one on the way will be Neveah at 8 pounds and 9 months opend eyed. I am very excited.
rebornevolet rebornevolet
22-25, F
Jan 6, 2013