I Have Been Rejected

My name is Juli and I have been rejected. See, I think I'm a very good writer, so I asked to join the ultimate writing club on this site I play. The club is: The Cabal. I PMed a few times with the leader and she said she would read my stories. I said thank you maturely and then jumped off the wall. A week later my email pings. It's her. I read over the email I got. Here's a copy.
I moved this from the iCabal messages over to mine. My name is Beth (pigwiz) and I started The Cabal...
Okay, I wanted to check your age since what I had read of yours reads like it was written by a young lady, like yourself. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking it by any means, but your stories lack detail... and that's a common problem with younger authors. 
You CERTAINLY do not lack in imagination! :D One of your stories I looked over was iRock Pregnancy; you have it listed as a drama / romance. Wow! That is a massively great premise! But, I would have done it differently. I would do that as a comedy, and I'll tell you why... the rock! You have the makings for a huge funny thing involving outer space, the rock, Sam and Freddie's reaction to it all, Space aliens wanting Sam since she's preggers with THEIR rock... I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. You could get nutso crazy with this idea AND have a really epic story! :)
Now, back to the detail thing, your chapters are far to short. I think I saw around 2500 words in four chapters. EVERY chapter should be at least 1000 words at the VERY minimum. If they are shorter, you're just not giving the reader enough information to keep the story flowing.
Juli, I'm sorry... At this point I can not invite you to join the Cabal, but... I will keep an eye on your stuff, and feel free to message me at any time. I'll try to help you out all I can. 
Talk soon!

That was the hardest part for me. I've never really been rejected before. But I'm fine, I learned if you go crazy, no one will change their mind, they will just think you're crazy. 

JuliIsMe JuliIsMe
May 17, 2012