Parents Tune Out Or Actively Discourage My Interests

It used to drive me crazy when I was a teen. As a younger child the effect was "Oh no, I am doing something wrong". How awful.

Examples, asking me what music I like, and I would put some on, excited about the attention and thinking it would be different this time. No, it would rarely be listened to the whole way through and then I would get dismissive or ridiculing comments.

Also they would try and push things onto me that they hoped I would be into. This even included people they thought I should be friends with.

Even to this day, myself in my mid 30s. I roll my eyes so much in their presence. They will ask me about my present life and then if they can think of something dismissive to say e.g: I heard from so and so that it doesn't work... I saw on the news they say blah blah works better... out it comes.

If they can't think of something, then they just tune out. Sometimes I stop mid sentence and it seems like they don't even notice.

My favourite (sarcasm) is when they beat my story. Whatever thing I like or do, they know something that is better and I should try it.

I am glad I am out of the raging. I guess after 3 decades the fire must have died down and now I am just tiredly rolling my eyes when it happens.
BreezyCabin BreezyCabin
31-35, F
Jan 7, 2013