After 22 Years..i Got To Look Into Her Eyes Again

It's been a couple weeks now since my first love and I spent a afternoon together...I have to say I truly sleep better at night now knowing she had a nice life with a great Family...Sure sitting there with her it was hard to deal with the fact that she was not " mine" anymore... But seeing how happy she is made me feel happy...Yes there are still some very strong feelings we share and we both I believe enjoyed hearing from eachother that we had been thinking about the other all these years....It was was bittersweet to see her drive away that afternoon...I was so very happy we had the chance to spend the time together and I was also happy she was going home to a good husband and a happy home life....But a part of me was forced to realize that she was the one I let get away....I still think of her everyday and we still keep in touch...If only I had known back then when I was young what I know now....Things would be different.....In the end I feel blessed that we both ended up happy in our lives....But She truly was "the one"...
ccarnut97 ccarnut97
41-45, M
May 15, 2012