Reunited And It Feels So Goood :)

Well, my first love and I had an instant connection when we first met at only 16 years old. I remember exactly how I felt, how he looked, everything from that first moment that we spoke almost ten years ago. He and I fell in love over a few months and had a strong relationship for two years. When I went off to college hundreds of miles away, I broke off the relationship so that we could both experience life as individuals and because I felt so desperate without him. I knew I needed to develop myself and grow up more as an individual before we could date further.
Well, we stayed friends. We both fell in to other relationships, but remained in contact over the years. After both of us broke off our other serious relationships within the same year, we began to contact each other more and more.
I knew over the years that I had always loved him, but thought that it was too late for us. Well, once we were both able to admitt to our feelings, we both knew that we had loved one another all along, each one of us hoping to have that love rekindled one day, but neither believing it was likely. We have such a strong love now, so much more so than before because we are both strong, independent people with lives of our own. We strengthen one another and yet share a familiarity that can only be developed with years of knowing a person inside and out. I dont know what lies ahead, but somehow I know that we are going to be together throughout our lives. It is a beautiful thing, Oh and the sex is insanely wonderful. There are really are second chances in true love :)
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I can't help but wonder... are you still together?