Reunited W/1st Love

Well, my story started back the summer when I was only 12 , and he 13. We connected instantly. At that time, I was being sexually abused by a close relative and my love ran away with me ; he was trying to save me , of course we were only kids so we were found in 38 hours . Well, the 3rd time I ran away that summer was to the police station to tell them was happening in my home. I was taken from home and lived w/ relatives. My love had struggles too; both his parents were deceased ; he lived w/ family also. Unfortunately, after 8 months he was placed in states custody and moved away. We wrote for while, he was moved so many times; we lost touch. When he was 18,he dropped into town and we met up and made love and...I was in a relationship , well he was only passing through town. Two months after he left, I pop up pregnant and oh how I wish it would have been his child but timing was off. I married father of my son; physically abusive man and after 4 years and 2nd son ; I left him! And, now I am 21 and guess who popped into town ...yep my soul mate ! We had fun for a few weeks and one night he dropped in to say "goodbye", he was leaving town again. This time I was devastated but I never let him know that. I wanted him to love me and my sons and takes us away from this small town. Well, 5 yrs later, I married again; and my soul mate popped in where I worked! Oh I wanted him but I didn't fall. I told him "no". That was the last time I seen him until 8/2012 18 yrs later ! Let me back up, 3 yrs ago I looked him up on "Facebook". He excepted my friend request when he signed up for FB ! We talked, texted and met and the LOVE is stronger now than I ever imagined. He has been through 2 marriages and I am on 4 th marriage. I want to be with man ; my soul- mate more than anything ! When he hugs me, I feel so loved and safe. When we are next to each other, I feel better than ever...he makes me happy ...makes me smile ..and oh how I want and need him. My children are grown -up and I am a grandma now. He lives 700 miles away and wants me to go and oh how I want to go. I am planning to go. I have a nice home, a great husband (who deserves better) and all my family. If and when I go meet him ; I feel like I will be able to LIVE and ENJOY life. We have so much in common , it's scary sometime. How can 2 people have so much in common. This was and is my story ! In the next 3 months, I am supposed to be moved ! I will conclude the rest of this real life romance when it happens!
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please let me know how you go