He and I dated from ages 6-13 and then I made a horrible mistake and broke his heart, with the help from my "friend" who ended up dating him. I have thought about him everyday since then. Then three months ago I friended him on facebook. He accepted and after we spent 3 1/2 hours on facebook messaging back and forth I could't stop thinking about him. He was in Afganistan, in the Army. He phoned me and after three 3 hour phone calls we said what we had felt for years "I love you." We have been in phone contact since. The problem: we are both married, both unhappily but married nontheless. If he showed up on my doorstep tomorrow to get me, I would go. I want the opportunity that was stolen from us 25 years ago. He is the piece of my heart that has always been missing and as soon as I heard his voice I was complete.
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Be careful....I've been there myself and fell completely in love all over again with my first love. we both promised each other the world and made plans to leave our married partners. I made the break and so did he too...... we lived together for 2 fantastic days and nights until his daughter text one morning to say she hated him and never ever wanted to see him again if he stayed away and didnt come back..... so he chose to leave. The story here is that its going to be extremely complicated and theres a whole gulf of time and emotions to get over. Just be careful with your own heart..... mine is damaged forever and I vow never to see them again now, because I know I'm too weak to resist.

Wow! Thanks for sharing I'm going through the same thing. Hopefully the ending will be different. We waiting on our divorces now. To start our life together.