10 Years Later....

Reunited and it feels so weird.... Here's my story. I am 30 years old. At 13 I had a best friend who was with me through everything, even my first love. I loved him dearly, more than any person should love another. I was 13 and he was 18, I lied and told him I was 15 but still we loved each other so much, we were together for 4 years, until I was 17 and he was young and dumb and wanted to marry me and have kids and I told him we were too young and I wanted him to wait until we both went to college and graduated and had good jobs to get married. Well he didn't want to wait that long for a child so he found someone who would. He crushed me and broke me to pieces. I wanted to die because of the hurt that I felt. Even throughout his relationship, he would still call me and beg for my forgiveness and tell me he loved me. It was so hard. It took me years to get over him. I eventually lost touch with my best friend and him. A few months ago, after 10 years I ran into my once best friend and gave her my number, haven't talked to her since. Last Wednesday I got a text message saying hey girl this is Rick call me or text me. and I replied with Rick who? he said Rick Reyes and my heart skipped a beat and I lost my breath for a moment. So I called him, I asked him how he got my number and he said he ran into my best friend and she gave him my number. Weird. anyway, we have been on the phone for hours a day and texting every few minutes. He said everything happens for a reason and he thinks we are meant to be together because he found me now that I am single again, and he is too. Its so weird but so comfortable to talk to him, he said he never stopped loving me all these years. The last time I saw him or had anything to do with him was over ten years ago. I'm scared and I'm excited. I don't know what to believe, he was the person in my life who hurt me the most. Also the one I loved the most. He says he still loves me and wants me to give him a chance to prove it but I am so untrusting and don't know if I should.... I will see him. I don't know from there. I'm sure the moment I see him I will fall in love with him all over again.


So this is an update. I gave up already. He is still in love with his ex wife and she left him about 3 years ago, I found out through my super Private detective snooping abilities. Apparently he has been waiting for her to come back to him all this time, and through internet savvy I see they have been in contact and have been texting and talking. I refuse to be that girl I was when I was 13. I will not let this man hurt me twice in my life, so I let him go once again. It was never meant to be, I think this was a test to make sure I am ready for the real thing. I think I am being tested to make sure I'm not a sucka and I won't fall for the fake. The real thing is coming to me and I am ready. I was once told to never go back to your past, that you always have to move forward. The past is the past for a reason.



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26-30, F
Nov 3, 2009