Because Thats What Parents Do

ok so not both my parents as one is dead but my mother has ripped me off some serious money.  try I had 166 thousand dollars of debt in my name following me around for three years! no the woman didn't buy a house in my name she just put 166K on credit cards and signed them IN MY NAME :) yeah.  parents are awesome.

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so i hear :) i like the ones that aren't. we are friends.

no its ******. yeah i can't get an account either. I only have one because i spent so much time working with the branch manager. It took me almost 2 years to get one. I can't go anywhere else and I can't even get a credit card where you pay like $300 (usd) down and they keep it just incase you don't pay the balance on it.

Do you have your credit rating back then or is it permanently damaged?<br />
Me: I can't even get a basic bank account now, cuz if the people I've shared addresses with.

it took me over a year to show them there was no way in hell I could have spent that money but i got it taken care of... yeah she is a trip

Jeysus! :(