I've Been Screwed Over

I was sexually abused by a priest for many years when I was very young. As a result I had a nervous breakdown when I was 30 and started setting fires. I turned myself in to police when I couldn't get any help at the local mental hospital. I also tried many times to overdose or kill myself in other ways. I ended up in jail many times and always admitted to the fires I had started. I was out of jail for a few years and fires started occurring around where I lived. The police arrested me even though I was home in bed asleep when the fires occurred and they knew that. I spend a year and a half in jail awaiting trial and was found not guilty of all charges and am now sueing the police department. I feel like I have been screwed over by many people in my life and my depression is so huge that I feel quite suicidal. I am also diagnosed as having dissociative identity disorder (better known as multiple personality disorder).
notguiltygirl2002 notguiltygirl2002
46-50, F
Aug 3, 2007